Q. Is LASER treatment safe for piles?

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Hello doctor,

Is LASER treatment for piles safe or not? Any side effects? Please let me know which one is better - laser surgery or normal surgery? Waiting for your reply.

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Dr. Noushif M
General Surgery, Medical Gastroenterology, Surgical Gastroenterology


Welcome to icliniq.com.

For piles (hemorrhoids) the treatment depends on its grade which is assessed well by the surgeon on clinical examination.

For grade one - those which bleed without coming out (prolapse) you need only medicines.

For grade two or above you need surgery.

The standard surgery nowadays is stapler hemorrhoidectomy. This is painless and gives best results.

Earlier days open surgery was done but is painful.

LASER treatment is almost not done nowadays as it can cause local complications including narrowing of the anal canal. It is highly unsafe and not a good option. Hope your query is cleared.

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