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Q. I had protected sex two days back. Should I take i-pill to be safe?

Answered by
Dr. Reetika Joshi
and medically reviewed by Dr. Vinodhini. J
This is a premium question & answer published on Sep 27, 2020

Hello doctor,

I am a 21-year-old female. I had sex two days back. We used a condom before penetration. However, I am worried about getting pregnant because I read online that getting pregnant by precum is also there. Should I take an I-pill to be safe or not?



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For getting pregnant, the sperms have to be ejaculated inside the vagina of the female. The sperm has to travel to the egg, fertilize it, and then fertilize the egg to get implanted in the uterus.

I am not clear about your precum detail as you have not mentioned whether your partner entered without proper condom inside your vagina. If yes, then indeed, precum could have been there, and it can lead to pregnancy. However, some estimation of pregnancy can be done based upon the last menstrual period, ovulation, etc. If you can share the details, I will be able to help you better so if you do not want to take any chance, take an emergency contraceptive pill and take as per dosage guidelines.

However, most of the emergency contraceptive pill are hormone-based. They have this known side effect of delaying periods and spotting or light bleeding before your period.

Thank you doctor,

No, he did not enter without any condom, but we used condoms just before penetration. I have been reading up online on how genital to genital contact or precum, pregnancy can also happen if there are sperms present on the tip or something along those lines. My last periods happened on the 1st of this month.



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Yes, you are right but that precum outside genitals can also cause pregnancy but that kind of pregnancy is very rare, something like one in thousand. If there was no penetration and based upon your last menstrual period there is very less chance or rather no chance of pregnancy. So do not worry. However, as I can see your periods are also slightly irregular. I am writing some tips for that below.

As far as pregnancy is concerned, if you are stressed out and will remain tensed for next month, I reiterate that please take an emergency contraceptive pill. It will make the chances 0 even is there is least probability also.

Thank you doctor,

There was penetration, but he used a condom before penetrating. I am sorry if this seems a bit repetitive, but it was my first time, and I do not want to take any chances. Also, is taking an i-pill safe for me?



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Since he did not penetrate inside you, there is no chance of pregnancy. As I told you, since it is your first time and you are so tense, I am sure you will remain tense until your next period. So pls take i-pill.

I pill safe as long as a female uses it as an emergency contraceptive pill and not as a regular birth control pill. Also, i-pill is a hormone-based pill, leading to delay in certain females and light bleeding or spotting prior to periods in certain females.

Thank you doctor,

I have asked the medical stores near my home and they do not seem to have i-pills stocked up. Ordering online would take a few days to reach and then the point of taking it would become moot. Can you please tell me how to calculate my ovulation days based on my menstrual cycle and also after how many days after sex, implantation occurs?



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Ovulation usually occurs around 14 days prior to your periods. For example, if your period date is 28th of previous month then ovulation is around 14th of next month. Other method to know about unsafe period is shortest cycle length minus 18 days is first unsafe period. Longest cycle length minus 10 days is the last unsafe period.

Thank you doctor,

So does not that mean I had sex in an unsafe period? He did penetrate, but we did use a condom.



Welcome back to

You just entered the unsafe period, but you need to get so tense only if you have had unprotected intercourse. Even unprotected intercourse in the middle of the unsafe period can also not necessarily lead to pregnancy. Since you have had protected intercourse and there is no penetration, so I think you need not worry.

Hello again. I found this I-pill, levonorgestrel 1.5mg tablet. It's been four days now after having sex. Is it safe to take it?
# although it's advisable to take within 72 hours, but no harm in taking now also

although there is no chance for your pregnancy because you had completely protected intercourse but as we discussed earlier if you will remain tensed then no harm in taking a pill and achieving additional peace of mind

don't worry there is no harm in taking I pill

however you may experience light bleeding or spotting prior to your periods and may be a delay of upto 10 days in your next period. this may or may not happen. it's a known side effect of I pill or rather all hormone based emergency contraceptive pills.

just don't worry and take it.

don't worry I am always there for you

God bless you
Hello. I'm still very tensed. I took the pill but I keep thinking that I took it late and it's going to be ineffective. And you keep on mentioning that there was no penetration even after I told you that there was except that we used a condom. What exactly do you mean when you say no penetration?
Also, how soon can I use a pregnancy kit? Can you give me a date?
# pls don't get will not get pregnant. sorry about the penetration part. I mean to say unprotected penetration.

ideally the pregnancy test should be after one misses the period however earliest is after 14 days of unprotected intercourse. so for intercourse on 12 earliest you can do on 26 sept

I hope I have been able to help you

don't worry I am always there for you

pls don't get stressed
I got my periods on 23rd September. It's kind of early than I expected. That's okay, right? It means I no longer have to be tensed, right?
# hi dear

good evening

that's a wonderful news

yes don't be tensed. how many days and how was the flow?

take care and God bless
The flow is good but it's less than last day. Today is the second day. My periods usually last for only three days. Didn't I get my periods very early? Even you said that I should expect a 10 days delay?
# hi dear

good morning

don't worry the delay happens in few females only so nothing to worry.

in certain ladies it's upto a week early also. so that's fine.

flow is good so even better.

just don't worry now and stay cheerful.

you have been really tensed all these days now just relax

feel free to ask any questions or to share any additional information

God bless you Aathira

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