Q. I had protected sex with two female partners. Am I infected with HIV?

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Dr. Ravinder Kaur Sachdeva
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Published on May 23, 2017 and last reviewed on: Sep 25, 2019

Hi doctor,

I am a 31 year old male, and I had sex with two female partners, three months back. I had vaginal and oral sex. The intercourse lasted for about five minutes, twice with each partner. I had a condom on throughout the time. Starting a week or so later, I had a pimple-like bump at the edge of my eyelid, a boil in the lower abdomen, an oral infection behind the wisdom tooth. I got both my wisdom teeth from that side extracted. I also got a skin tag in the underarm area, which got sore, reddish, and painful. My blood pressure and triglycerides are also high. I am having diarrhea from the past 8 to 9 days. I do not have a fever, but get headaches at night. I am also getting dizzy from 5 to 6 days. Is there any probability that I might have contracted HIV? Does any of the above health issues indicate HIV infection?

Dr. Ravinder Kaur Sachdeva

HIV/AIDS Specialist


Welcome to icliniq.com.

The answers to your queries are as follows:

  • If you had sex with a latex condom, used properly, separate for each act, separate for both the partners and it did not break or slip, then it was a protected act. It not only prevents HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) but other STIs (sexually transmitted infections) also.
  • The probability of HIV acquisition through condoms is very low, but it is not that it is totally impossible. Laboratory evidence has shown that if a male condom is used correctly, it is up to 99.5 % effective. In reality, condoms are not used correctly, it might be used only half way through intercourse or not changed for each time of sex or not used during oral sex.
  • I advise you to get your HIV rapid antibody test done, and if it is negative, repeat the test again after six months. I also suggest you get tested for other STIs, which includes syphilis, herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, HPV (human papillomavirus).
  • The symptoms which you have mentioned could have multiple reasons and cannot be necessarily attributed to HIV. You have already mentioned raised BP (blood pressure), which could be the cause of headaches.

Hope your query is answered, but if you still have any other question please do not hesitate to ask.

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Hello doctor,

Thank you for your valuable response. Just a couple of more queries, please. By 'condom did not slip', do you intend to mean slip off completely? I do not remember it tearing or slipping off. But just assuming it did, is it that I will contract HIV for sure or is there a probability of it?

Dr. Ravinder Kaur Sachdeva

HIV/AIDS Specialist


Welcome back to icliniq.com.

  • Torn or slipped condom carries an HIV and STI risk, almost same as that of without condoms or unprotected sex. It might be a brief exposure, but the risk is not eliminated. So, better get yourself tested.

Hope I have answered your question, but please do not hesitate to ask again. All the best.

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Thank you doctor,

I understand your point. I will go ahead and get the test done. I read at few places on the internet that the risk of catching HIV, from unprotected sex, for a male is 0.38 %, that is, 38 out of 10,000 exposures, implying there is risk indeed, but the risk is quite negligible, is that so?

Dr. Ravinder Kaur Sachdeva

HIV/AIDS Specialist


Welcome back to icliniq.com.

  • The risk of HIV acquisition is dependent on various factors, type of exposure or behavior also, which includes unprotected sex and needle sharing. At certain times, transmission is biologically possible but the risk is too low.
  • Over a certain time period, the risk might add up, which subsequently leads to high risk of acquisition of HIV. There might be a small risk with one infected person when engaged in high-risk activity, but when the exposure is multiple, the overall risk is increased.
  • During vaginal sex with an HIV-infected woman, where the virus is in the vaginal fluid and blood, men get it through the penile opening, this is more so if they are uncircumcised or have small abrasions or cuts or sores on the penis.
  • In this scenario, the chance of HIV acquisition is 0.05 % per exposure, which means 1 in 2000 chance each time. In low-income countries, the biological risk of HIV acquisition is found to be higher 0.38 % (1 in 263).
  • In one of the study, it was shown that insertive anal sex has a risk of 0.62 % (1 in 161) in uncircumcised and 0.11 % (1 in 909) for circumcised individuals. Insertive oral sex carries a risk of 0.005 % per exposure (1 in 20,000).
  • The risk of acquisition is also dependent on the other person's HIV load, whether the person is on antiretrovirals or not, other co-infections or opportunistic infections or STIs.

Hope I was able to explain you the background of HIV acquisition risk. Please feel free to ask or call for any other question. 

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