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Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation techniques help in reducing stress and the effect of stress on the body. It allows you to overcome daily stress and the health problems associated with stress like heart diseases. It helps reduce heart rate and blood pressure, soothe breathing rate, improve digestion, maintain blood sugar level, enhance blood flow, improve concentration, decrease frustration and anger, improve the quality of sleep, boost confidence, alleviate muscle tension, diminish fatigue, etc. Deep breathing, Tai Chi, yoga, meditation, music therapy, art therapy, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, massaging, biofeedback, etc., are few types of relaxation techniques.

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I am unable to sustain a penile erection. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 67 year old retired IT professional. I am a non-diabetic. My weight is 163 pounds and height is 68.5 inch. My BMI is around 24. I am fully active with every day eight to 10 km walk without fail. I did not visit doctor in the last 50 years for any major illness. My CBC count is n...  Read Full »

Dr. Purushottam Sah

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I have read and understood your problem. Since your general reports are normal and there is no anxiety, you need to do sex related tests like serum or blood prolactin, thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) and testosterone. Depending on the reports, treatment will be decided....  Read Full »

I have segmented sleep. How to get rid of it?

Query: Hi doctor,What is the solution for segmented sleep? How to get rid of this?  Read Full »

Dr. Saraswat Kumarshri Shriniwas

Answer: Hello, Welcome to The treatment depends on the cause of segmented sleep. If it is due to mood disorder like depression or hypomania or anxiety, then treatment of the underlying condition will correct the segmented sleep as well. If it is due to disturbed sleep - wake cycle li...  Read Full »

I am suffering from insomnia since last three weeks. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor, I am suffering from insomnia from the past three weeks. Please help.  Read Full »

Dr. Suresh Kumar G D

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Is this the first time you are experiencing insomnia or there has been a previous history? Sleep problems can happen if you are stressed, anxious or have a mood problem. Is there anything stressful going on in your life ? Do you do shift work? Try to address the root...  Read Full »

I worry that something bad could happen to me. Please help.

Query: Hi doctor, I have some issues with my mental health I feel a voice inside my head, thinking always about the worst consequences, the worst things I can not even imagine. I can not control this. I try to forget it, but I am just failing again and again. This has happened before, but somehow I manag...  Read Full »

Dr. Aditya Gupta

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have read your query, and understand your concern. From your description, it appears to be ruminations. Kindly do a self-rating test for OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder), which you can easily find on the internet. If it is indicative of OCD, I suggest you consu...  Read Full »

My sleep gets interrupted, and I find it difficult to get back to sleep after waking up. Please help.

Query: Hi doctor, My sleep pattern has been 'biphasic', ever since the lockdown three years ago. My sleep gets interrupted, I sleep four hours, wake up, and get back to sleep again for another two or three hours. I often hard to get back to sleep the second time. I was always a light sleeper but have neve...  Read Full »

Dr. Saraswat Kumarshri Shriniwas

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I understand your concern. Your symptoms show sleep maintenance issues. I am not sure how much melatonin or GABA might help with it. If you are fine with taking medicines, I would suggest taking a sustained-release version of Zolpidem (Zolpidem tartrate 12.5 mg). It will ...  Read Full »

I feel guilty of my previous actions. How can I overcome this feeling?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 22-year-old married woman. My husband is truly the best in the world, always caring for me. However, I have been feeling guilty recently about some incidents from my past. During my childhood, when I was in class seven, a boy expressed interest in me. Although I did not reject ...  Read Full »

Dr. Aditya Gupta

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I read your query and understand your concern. The past cannot be undone and holds no significance, so there is no point in dwelling on it. There is no need to feel guilty as you have honestly disclosed everything to your husband, and the best part is that he has handled...  Read Full »

After a breakup in my love relationship, I feel mentally exhausted. What should I do?

Query: Hi doctor, I am mentally exhausted. I love a girl and we were in relationship for five years. Now she ditched me. She is my life and my everything. I cannot live without her. But she is with someone and she does not need me in her life. I cannot do any work, from the day she left me. I cannot sleep ...  Read Full »

Dr. Aditya Gupta

Answer: Hello,Welcome to icliniq.comSometimes you do not have control over the situations and what others do. But what really matters is how you cope with it. I know it is easy to say, but you have to move on. The following steps can help you: Follow a routine though flexible and prioritize things. Spend qu...  Read Full »

How should I overcome depression and anxiety?

Query: Hello doctor, I have been having depression. I suddenly get sad and cry myself to sleep. I cannot face people as I feel anxious and tensed. I vomit whenever I feel tensed and anxious which is effecting my health. I cannot eat properly or mingle with people as I am always in a fear that something ba...  Read Full »

Dr. Seikhoo Bishnui

Answer: Hello, Welcome to The symptoms like sad mood, crying spells could be due to some mood disturbance. Anxiety, fear, and anticipation that something bad will happen, poor social interaction, etc., are part of anxiety and mood disturbance. If these symptoms are resulting in distress and a...  Read Full »

How to manage antidepressant discontinuation syndrome?

Query: Hi doctor, I am a 21 year old female with a history of the major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder, including an extensive family history of both as well. Currently, on 300 mg of Bupropion (Wellbutrin) and 150 mg of Venlafaxine (Effexor), each once daily, taken in the mornings. I ...  Read Full »

Dr. Aditya Gupta

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Antidepressant discontinuation is unlikely here as there had been no change in drug dosage recently unless you had missed a dose. These brain zaps could be due to stress or the medication itself and usually stops on their own after some time. In my opinion practizing ...  Read Full »

Can Stress And Anxiety Cause Joint Problems?

Query: Hello doctor,I am a 27-year-old male with no history of joint issues. Can stress and anxiety cause joints to pop? I was good last month but this month it has been really stressful for me and I know my hands feel stiff and all my joints pop. When I raise my arms, one can hear the tendons stretching l...  Read Full »

Dr. Mashfika N Alam

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Random clicking and popping joints is a common occurrence and as long as there is no associated pain or swelling, there is nothing to worry about at a young age such as yours. Excessive stress and anxiety can make your muscles taut. This can happen during periods o...  Read Full »

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