Retained Products Of Conception

Retained products of conception (RPOC) is when fetal or placental tissue is left in the uterus after an abortion, miscarriage, or preterm delivery. Heavy bleeding with clots even after a few weeks of miscarriage or abortion indicates RPOC. It is managed with the help of suction curettage.

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After an abortion four months ago, I started spotting. Why?

Query: Hello doctor,I had an abortion four months back. My period returned seven weeks later and ever since then I have been spotting randomly every few days. I was 13 weeks pregnant at the time of the procedure. Is this normal? If not, what could it be? There are no other symptoms aside from very very lig...  Read Full »

Dr. Eeshani Dutta

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Please ensure if you had a complete abortion or there are still bits of retained products of conception in your uterus by doing a transvaginal scan. Since it was a second-trimester pregnancy, there may be chances of RPOC, which can lead to irregular spotting or bleeding...  Read Full »

My pregnancy test remains positive after abortion. Why?

Query: Hi doctor,I had an early aspiration abortion two months back. They found two sacks and that were removed. Last week, I felt weird and took a pregnancy test. The test came back positive. I went into the doctor's office, and they did an ultrasound. They did find some leftover tissue that they removed,...  Read Full »

Dr. Purushottam Sah

Answer: Hi, Welcome to If you had an ectopic pregnancy, then it would show on the sonogram. Pregnancy test could be positive due to leftover tissue. As it was removed, it should be examined by histopathology test. Sometimes hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) producing trophoblastic t...  Read Full »

What could be the reason for my back pain after three months of delivery?

Query: Hello doctor,It has been three months since my delivery, but I still have a severe back pain. The doctor told me there could be an infection in the uterus. So, I took tablets for it, but I did not recover. Is there any other reason for having a back pain after delivery?  Read Full »

Dr. Nagaraj

Answer: Hello, Welcome to You have missed mentioning if it was a normal vaginal delivery or a caesarean section. If it was a normal delivery, there is a remote possibility that the retained products within the uterus lead to an infection, in which case they have to be removed. Nowadays, this ...  Read Full »

How to know if the miscarriage is caused due to endometriosis?

Query: Hello doctor, My friend tested positive for chronic endometritis following a biopsy. Her question is, what needs to be present in the tissue sample to conclude that the endometritis is the result of a miscarriage? What could be the other causative agents?  Read Full »

Dr. Ashish Vilas Jawarkar

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Conclusive proof for endometritis, following a miscarriage, would be the presence of villi and decidua in the biopsy. However, that may not be seen in most cases. Blood beta hCG levels in pregnancy range, just before the biopsy would suffice. For further queries cons...  Read Full »

How to know whether my friend is free of RPOC?

Query: Hi doctor, My friend had MTP and passed the lumps. But, her second scan showed RPOC. The doctor gave her Misoprostol 200 mg two doses for three days. After taking medicine, she has not bled. Is that fine or should we worry?  Read Full »

Dr. Purushottam Sah

Answer: Hi, Welcome to It should be fine, if she has passed the RPOC (retained products of conception). Sometimes, the RPOC will get passed without knowing it. If bleeding has stopped, then no need to worry. I hope that her doctor had given antibiotics. For further information consult an obstet...  Read Full »

Why is my wife bleeding from the anus after abortion?

Query: Hi doctor, My wife was admitted to hospital due to incomplete abortion and dengue fever NS1 reactive. She had 6 weeks pregnancy. Doctor has done surgical abortion and it was found dengue fever after blood test. She was admitted for three days. Her initial platelet count was 150000 and later 180000, ...  Read Full »

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Bhattacharyya

Answer: Hello, Welcome to How reliable were those blood tests? If those were reliable, then there is no need to worry for bleeding from two sites. Otherwise, repeat it from a good place. Secondly, just start any birth control pill from today as it will lessen the bleeding. I suggest Laxit plus...  Read Full »

Is it normal to have irregular bleeding pattern with cramps and nausea post delivery?

Query: Hello doctor, I am currently 11 weeks postpartum and I am still bleeding. The bleeding will completely stop for a few days and then all of a sudden be very heavy. It will come with cramping and nausea. This is my first kid and I am currently exclusively breastfeeding. I would like to know if this is...  Read Full »

Dr. Sravanthi Nuthalapati

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Irregular bleeding post delivery can have various reasons. One of the most common ones is retained products of conception. This can also be a focus for infections. The other reasons can be any vascular abnormalities in the uterus or a pregnancy-related cancer problem...  Read Full »

What could be the reason for my sudden prolonged period?

Query: Hi doctor, I found that for the last two months, my period has lasted about 16 days instead of the usual 7 days. There is no pain or cramping, however large clots on occasions. I gained about 15 lbs during quarantine. I am not exercising. I am currently on iron and Kelp supplements daily.  Read Full »

Dr. Muhammad Zubayer Alam

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I can understand your concern. According to your statement, you have been suffering from prolonged menstrual periods which has lasted for 16 days instead of the usual period like 3-7 days for the last two months. Prolonged menstrual bleeding may result from some path...  Read Full »

Is bleeding with clots normal after using MTP kit?

Query: Hello doctor, I am 25 years old and had a pregnancy for five weeks. Four months back, I had used MTP kit. The problem is, even now I am having bleeding. Is this normal? How to sort this problem if it is not normal? Looking forward for your valuable feedback. Thank you.  Read Full »

Dr. Megha Tuli

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I understand your situation. This much of bleeding is considered unusual. Either the process of abortion has been incomplete, because of which the uterus is still trying to expel out the products of conception. Or you have some blood problem. Are you still passing clo...  Read Full »

Even after taking two doses of MTP pills, why am I still getting clots?

Query: Hello doctor, I had recently used MTP pills, and it is day 4. Day one I took 1 tablet of 200 mcg, the second day I took 2 tablets each 200 mcg. I did not take rest two pills, due to heavy bleeding. Also, I had got a lot of clotting, though it must be cleared now. On the fourth day, I did ultrasonogr...  Read Full »

Dr. Sameer Kumar

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Considering the USG (ultrasonography) scan report (attachment removed to protect patient identity), there are still retained products of conception inside the uterus with clots. Ideally, you can take the remaining two doses of tablet Misoprostol and allow the bleedi...  Read Full »

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