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Strenuous exercises are those exercises where 70 to 80 percent of the heart is working. Some examples of strenuous exercise include running, cycling, brisk walking, and jumping rope. The benefits of moderate exercise can be reaped in a lesser time with strenuous exercise.

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I have a mild pain in the area where I had surgery for type 2 varicocele three years ago. Can I join a gym as normal people do?

Query: Hi doctor, I had a type 2 varicocele three years ago. Later, I underwent through surgery and now, I have some mild pain over there but I also do yoga regularly without any stress or pain. Can I join gym as normal people do?  Read Full »

Dr. Karthik Rajan

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Thank you for your query, I have gone through your query. Minimal pain post varicocelectomy can occur, if it is bothering you too much, you can examine to see if there is a recurrence. There are no limitations on physical activities with this surgery, especially since...  Read Full »

I have started exercising vigorously, and now my iron levels have dropped. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor, I went for general blood work, CBC, and iron levels and all was normal three months back. I did another blood test recently and now my iron levels have dropped. Nothing has changed except that I have started exercising very vigorously. On the day of the test, I completed an exercise in...  Read Full »

Dr. Yash Kathuria

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I read your query and can understand your concern. I have gone through your reports (attachment removed to protect the patient's identity). Your hemoglobin level is well maintained. But as your iron stores are decreasing that means either there is some nutritional d...  Read Full »

Why was there blood in urine?

Query: Hi doctor, My friend has seen just a pinch of blood while urinating. He immediately went to the doctor and they asked him to take some tests. I am attaching the reports. Please tell me if anything is serious. He does heavy gyming and running as well.  Read Full »

Dr. Vedprakash Verma

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I have seen your urine report. First of all do not panic This is occasionally hematuria from the external urethral tract, not from kidney due to heavy exercise, mild trauma or ureteric stone. In the urine report, no blood is detected, it is completely normal. If he has...  Read Full »

Why do I have brown blood in my urine after an activity?

Query: Hello doctor, Two weeks ago, I observed brown blood in my urine after a 10-kilometer run. Also, I felt unwell and had stomach pain. However, a few hours after drinking, I did not notice any blood in my urine. A few days later, I visited a doctor who tested my urine and found blood and protein in my ...  Read Full »

Dr. Saurabh Subhash Pandya

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand your concern. It should be exercise-induced hematuria (blood in urine). It is a benign, self-limiting condition resulting in bleeding from kidney filters after exercise. I suggest you to consult a nephrologist for this. Also, adequate hydration during a...  Read Full »

After strenuous physical activity, I have dull, tight chest pain near my sternum, shoulders, and back. Why?

Query: Hi doctor, I have dull, tight chest pain near my sternum when breathing deeply or moving my shoulders and back (I get this sometimes and also have a bruise that runs along my sternum which appears from time to time). I did large amounts of strenuous physical activity yesterday. Is it normal?  Read Full »

Dr. Muhammad Zohaib Siddiq

Answer: Hi, Welcome to The symptoms you describe, such as dull, tight chest pain near your sternum when breathing deeply or moving your shoulders and back, as well as a bruise that appears on your sternum from time to time, could be related to a condition called costochondritis. This is a car...  Read Full »

Can vigorous exercise result in low WBC count?

Query: Hello doctor, I recently had my complete blood test and said my WBC is low at 3.6, just below the reference range of 3.8. However all the other values of the WBC were in normal range. The RBC showed normal ranges too. Could this be due to increased exercise intensity everyday for the last two month...  Read Full »

Dr. Goswami Parth Rajendragiri

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I have read all three reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity). The total WBC (white blood cells) count is low only in the latest attached report. There are many causes for low WBC count, including viral infection to blood cancer. Your main fear is...  Read Full »

When shall I resume to normal workout and sports activities after fusion of T8-T10?

Query: Hi doctor, I had a spinal fusion done from T8-T10 about four months ago. The doctor says that I am pretty much healed and can assume regular activities. My questions are, since that area (T8-T10) is not that mobile, would I be able to run, jump, play tennis, etc, in a year's time compared to a fus...  Read Full »

Dr. Muhammad Zubayer Alam

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I can understand your concern. According to your statement, you had a spinal fusion surgery done from T8-T10 four months back and your query is about your abilities to perform strenuous activities after one year from the time of your operation. Actually, it will dep...  Read Full »

Will heavy weightlifting result in elevated levels of ALT and AST?

Query: Hello doctor, My ALT - 53 (50 is the upper limit), and AST - 137 (35 is the upper limit). I recently had a full blood test done and the above figures were elevated. Doctor wants me to have an ultrasound. I have read online studies that suggest doing a heavy weightlifting workout can elevate the...  Read Full »

Dr. Ajeet Kumar

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Well, I completely agree with what you believe in-strenous exercise can cause this sorts of enzymes levels. An ultrasound may not provide important information, however, a complete set of liver profile can help to establish the cause of it. Namely, the other values i...  Read Full »

Is muscle twitching a predominant sign of motor neuron disease?

Query: Hello doctor, For about two weeks now, I have had a twitch in my left arm (triceps) that seems to be worse when I have my arm straight and down by the side of my body and less noticeable when I have my arm over my head and bent at the elbow. The twitch seems to be worse at times without any particu...  Read Full »

Dr. Upendra Kumar Shah

Answer: Hi, Welcome to This is acute onset localized twitches, started after strenuous activity. This seems to be physiological twitches that are occurring due to minor muscle or nerve injury. Just check for any weakness or loss of muscle mass in the region where you are developing twitches...  Read Full »

After hernia surgery, can I lift heavy weight?

Query: Hi doctor, I am a 29 year old. My doctor said that I have an umbilical hernia. Either open surgery or laparoscopy, which would be the best? After which surgery, can I lift heavy weights? I am a sports person and a bodybuilder. Please suggest.  Read Full »

Dr. Abhishek Kirti Dixit

Answer: Hi, Welcome to If your cardiovascular status that is heart and lung functions are fine, then you can go for laparoscopic surgery. That is cosmetically better and less invasive. The scar will be much bigger in open, so chances of scar rupture and dehiscence are higher in open. The pos...  Read Full »

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