Q. What is the cause of overactive bladder?

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Hi doctor,

I am 53 years old male. I am suffering from prostate and overactive problems for the past eight years. I did many time ultrasound and cystoscopy. I have inflammation in bladder and prostate. I feel the inflammation and a burning sensation in the urethra. My bladder is overactive. I took many antibiotics, prostrate and overactive medicine for the past eight years. But there is no improvement. One time the doctor injected botox injection into my bladder. But there is also no improvement. The doctor is giving medicine for one week to one month. But my infection is recurrent. At night, I am urinating for every 30 minutes to one hour while sleeping. During the day I urinate every one and a half to two hours. Every time I feel the discomfort and burning sensation in the bladder and urethra. When I have a prostate infection, I have pain and discomfort from rectum to penis. Last week, I checked my PSA value it was 0.36 ng/mL. I am taking tablets Vesicare, Ditropan, Omnic, Unoflox, Spasmic, Cipram, Levocin, and Urispas.

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I am taking medicines for an overstretched bladder with no improvement. Please help.

Dr. Karthik Rajan
Andrology, Urology


Welcome to icliniq.com.

You are having a severe case of overactive bladder. From your history, it appears that you have tried out almost all the available treatments for overactive bladder. At present, botox therapy is the least invasive and most efficient in the management of OAB (overactive bladder). It is essential that you should continue conservative approaches like fluid restrictions and medication. If the symptoms are bothersome, you can consult your local urologist regarding the availability of neuromodulation in your area. It is the current recommendation for patients not responding to any other measures. It involves sending nerve impulses through your pelvic nerves with an implant which will regulate your bladder contraction.

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