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Important Things to Know About Cancer!

Written by
Dr. Jayvirsinh Indrasinh Chauhan
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Published on Jan 10, 2019   -  2 min read



From the homeopathic point of view, I want the readers to know about a few crucial points about cancer.

Important Things to Know About Cancer!

Cancer is not new nowadays, but it is a cause of major disturbance in most localities. Day by day, people are becoming more and more conversant with the proceedings, the cost factor, the suffering, the liabilities, and the pain accompanied by cancer. But recently, I was taken aback when I started following some online questions of the patients. I saw how much fear cancer has formed on people, and they even after being completely unknown about the etiology and possibilities, remain baffled and misguided. It includes most of the population, and I am not excluding well-educated ones, who believe in the misconception of their acquaintances.

Yes, cancer is a major disease, which not only brings suffering to the patient but the whole family in terms of physical, emotional, and financial burdens. I have seen patients overflowing in the cancer hospitals and not even finding a bed. Medicines that are used seems to be rare and hardly accessible everywhere, and they have to be procured with much difficulty and that adds to the suffering. This does not end here as it is just the beginning.

The treatment offered by conventional medical sciences is so exhausting and draining, that majority of patients going through it suffer even greater than cancer itself. The side effects are so severe that I have seen them begging for death. So, it is the need of time that common people have the basic knowledge about cancer. In this article, I have tried to give you a basic understanding of it.

What is Cancer?

To simplify it, I would say, it is an uncontrolled growth of some group of cells in our body. It can be anywhere, and it harms the other cells and does not allow them to function normally and ultimately causes the death of normal cells and loss of functions of the organ. They are of two types:

  1. Benign - Benign means the tumor cells are limited to one location and do not spread.
  2. Malignant - Malignant means which starts spreading to other organs and start damaging them.

What causes Cancer?

There are a lot of researches going on, but there are no specific causes found. There are some predisposing factors or causative elements like:

  1. Genetics.
  2. Some pollutants.
  3. Mostly the artificial things used in food.
  4. Fertilizers and insecticides used on vegetables and fruits.
  5. Some type of chemicals that one can be in constant exposure like smoking and alcohol.
  6. Exposure to radiations.
  7. Viral infections which promote cancer growth.

How Can a Person Know That He/She Has Cancer?

There are no specific symptoms that are exclusive to cancer. Some common symptoms seen are sudden weight loss, loss of appetite, some kind of overgrowth, changes in the color of the skin, etc. The ultimate diagnosing authority is a proper laboratory and radiological investigations for which you need to consult a specialist.

How to Treat Cancer and What Are the Outcomes?

Nowadays, there are various treatments offered like allopathy, homeopathy, Ayurveda, etc. Also, some non-qualified practitioners claim to cure cancer. Here, every doctor has their subjective opinions, and I would give some insight to it.

Being a homeopath, I always prefer homeopathic treatment over other treatment modalities, even for my family members. But when It comes to diseases like cancer, I never advise going for homeopathic treatment exclusively. It should always be used in conjunction with the conventional treatment (allopathy). When other systems of medicines fail, there are many reported cases of cancer cured by homeopathy. But, there is a limit to all treatments, and it also depends on the efficacy of the doctors. So my suggestion is to take homeopathic treatment with other treatments, and do not leave other treatments in some unrealistic expectations.

I have seen many patients or their relatives asking for treatment without even consulting a doctor. In that case, it is very important to understand that diseases like cancer do not get cured by a single prescription, but it requires series of medicines and regular follow-ups to evaluate the progress of the cure or palliation or disease.

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