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How to Reduce Cholesterol Level?

Published on Nov 13, 2013 and last reviewed on Jun 30, 2022   -  4 min read


High levels of cholesterol are harmful. It can be reduced by lifestyle changes and medications. This article will discuss the management techniques of cholesterol in detail.

How to Reduce Cholesterol Level?


If people are obese, diabetic, hypertensive, or have a family history of heart disease or stroke, they need to get their cholesterol figures down. They do not need to be a millionaire in cholesterol figures. Even if one is not, trust me, they should still eat healthily and exercise because it is the only field in which one can become a millionaire and they would not even come to know. The good news is that it is good to increase the figure of one type of cholesterol- HDL (high-density lipoprotein). It is also called "the good cholesterol". But how? That is a big question. The below-given measures are found to produce effective results in reducing cholesterol levels. We often read these kinds of articles on the internet, in newspapers, and in health columns, but most of us just read and do not follow them. But, you have no option if you are a rich man when we talk about cholesterol figures, and you really wish not to meet doctors in-hospital emergencies.

Excessive cholesterol in the blood leads to heart attacks, stroke, and many other diseases. Cholesterol can be reduced by eating healthy and doing regular exercise. Lifestyle modifications are mandatory to bring down the increased cholesterol levels. Medications alone will not help.

One may also be required to take medications to reduce cholesterol if indicated. Very often people ask the doctors what they should eat to control their cholesterol levels. Which oil should they use? The following points may help them to find answers and may help them to keep themselves fit and disease-free.

What Are the Foods to Avoid to Keep the Cholesterol Levels in Check?

What Are the Healthy Alternatives?

Trying to follow these dietary habits initially may seem difficult, but trusting the process and once we achieve our targets, people will be asking others to follow this. In fact, that particular person can become an idol of many cholesterol millionaires, who may come to you for advice.


Cholesterol is often mistaken for something simple, due to a lack of awareness regarding what would happen if cholesterol levels increase or decrease. Getting the levels checked frequently and seeking a doctor’s advice if the levels of cholesterol are borderline or higher, will help fight it at the earliest. A healthy lifestyle is the only preventive measure to prevent cholesterol levels from rising. Exercising at least a minimum of 2.5 hours per week will help maintain the cholesterol levels in the healthy range.


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30 Jun 2022  -  4 min read




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