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Can Facial Massage Improve One's Look?

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Published on Jul 30, 2016 and last reviewed on Apr 05, 2021   -  4 min read


Facial massage is a very helpful relaxation tool. Read this article to know more.

Can Facial Massage Improve One's Look?

What Is Facial Massage?

Facial massage is a soothing and relaxing procedure with both physical and psychological benefits in modern society. It is good for the skin, and it delays skin aging. In this procedure, facial skin is subjected to cleansing, steaming, massaging, toning, moisturizing, etc., in a systematic manner.

What Are the Uses of Facial Massage?

The different uses of facial massage are:

What Are the Involved Finger Movements in Facial Massage?

Facial massage requires various movements of the fingers of the service provider over the skin surface of the individual. Movements are basically sequential. The continuous manual movements with unidirectional linear strokes or circular clockwise fingertip movements cause mechanical stimulation, and its frictional force causes thermal stimulation of the skin.

Mechanical stimulation should be done in the direction of hair growth so that there is the stimulation of stretch receptors in the muscles. This will lead to an increase in muscle tone. Stronger tapping, kneading, pinching, and squeezing during massage stimulate muscle contraction. This will lead to skin tightening, and so the skin looks young.

Thermal stimulation due to friction causes dilatation of blood vessels of the skin, which leads to an increase in the demand for oxygen and nutrients in the tissues. It also eliminates harmful metabolites.

What Is Face Yoga?

Face yoga is a type of facial exercise that helps provide strength to the muscles present in the face. It is the best alternative method for facial fillers and Botox. There are only a few studies regarding the effectiveness and benefits of facial yoga. Many kinds of research are being carried out to date. Some of the actual benefits were identified. Face yoga is a type of treatment plan for patients who are suffering from paralysis of the facial muscle. It is possible to achieve proper coordination of the muscles in the face. In addition to this, the following health-related condition can be solved with the help of face yoga.

People who practice face yoga regularly are known to reduce their wrinkles gradually. This is due to the improvement in the mental health of an individual who practices them. A 30 minutes face yoga every day can be performed to achieve better results. The important facial exercises are listed below:

1) Forehead Smoother: Forehead smoother is an exercise that helps in reducing the wrinkles in the forehead. It also prevents fine lines. This exercise has to repeat six times a week.

2) Natural Lip Plumper: This exercise helps in adjusting the size of the lips. You have to repeat this exercise five times a week.

3) Wide Awake: This exercise provides shine to the area of the skin around the eyes. The under-eye darkness can also be treated with this exercise. It is recommended for you to follow this exercise four times a week.

4) Double V: This exercise helps in overcoming drooping eyelids. It is good to repeat this exercise eight times a week.

How Does Facial Massage Influence Tantric Practice?

For an individual to have a good facial look, a happy mental state is necessary. Facial massage has a strong correlation with tantric practices. Many ancient forms of tantra have emphasized the importance of massages and their positive effects on an individual's mental health. When a person is given a facial massage, it not only provides a relaxed feeling but also stimulates the cells in the face and enhances the blood flow. In tantric practice, couples are advised to use olive oil for performing an enjoyable act of massage. This massage between the couples is known to improve their bonding and degree of intimacy. The focus is not only on the facial massage but a complete massage of the whole body. A regular habit of facial massage between couples is known to provide more psychological benefits to both males and females. Women are known to enjoy a higher degree of pleasure by facial massages. As a result of emotional and physical satisfaction, the skin of the women starts glowing.

Summary: Facial massage would be suitable only for certain people. When some of them try to perform facial massages with multiple creams and oils, there are possibilities for side effects. Facials should be avoided in individuals who have active acne over the face of infection or known hypersensitivity to the products used in facials. Otherwise, it is safe. Regular facials at three to four weeks intervals delay the skin aging process.

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