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Can Facial Massage Improve One's Look?

Author: Dr. Suvash Sahu - Skin and Beauty
Last reviewed at: 07.Sep.2018  



This article discusses about facial massage, its uses and various techniques.
Image: Can Facial Massage Improve One's Look?

Facial massage is a soothing and relaxing procedure, with both physical and psychological benefits in the modern society name as facial. It is good for skin and it delays the skin aging. In this procedure, facial skin is subjected to cleansing, steaming, massaging, toning, moisturizing, etc., in a systematic manner.

Facial Massage Uses:

Massage, which is the mainstay of all facials

  1. Stimulates the vascular and glandular activity.
  2. It helps in natural cellular regeneration.
  3. It helps to correct oil and moisture balance.

Finger Movements in Facial Massage:

Facial massage requires various movements of the fingers of the service provider over the skin surface of the individual. Movements are basically sequential. The continuous manual movements with unidirectional linear strokes or circular clockwise finger tip movements, causes mechanical stimulation and its frictional force causes thermal stimulation of the skin.

Mechanical stimulation should be done in the direction of hair growth and that leads to stimulation of stretch receptor in the muscles leading to increase muscle tone. Stronger tapping, kneading, pinching and squeezing during massage stimulate muscle contraction, which leads to skin tightening.

Thermal stimulation due to friction cause dilatation of blood vessels of the skin, which leads to increase demand of oxygen and nutrients in the tissues and also eliminate harmful metabolites.

Facial Massage Techniques:

Techniques of facial massage comprise the following ways.

  • Over forehead the direction is from the center to the temple and from the inner end of the eyebrow to the temple.
  • Over eyes gentle finger tip movements from inner to outer corner of upper and lower eyelids.
  • On the cheeks with flat of joined fingertips and hands in the circular motions from jaw line to cheek bones.

Facial should be avoided in individual who have active acne over the face or infection or known hypersensitivity to the products used in facials. Otherwise, it is safe. Regular facial at three to four weeks interval delay the skin aging process.

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