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Are Panty Liners Good?

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Are Panty Liners Good?

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Pantyliners are becoming essential for women’s life due to their comfort and ease of use. Still, many women are not aware of the benefits or how to use a panty liner. To know more about its benefits and how to use a panty liner, continue reading this article.

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Dr. Nisha Marhatta

Published At December 28, 2021
Reviewed AtOctober 31, 2022


Though mankind has gone through various phases of evolution, there are certain aspects that are still not discussed in the open forum. One such factor is the lifestyle and hygiene practices of women that they take during their menstrual cycle. Though it may seem like we have widened our views over this topic over the last few decades, it is still unaware by many women. Nowadays, a lot of women have come out as working professionals, and they feel the need to be confident in their daily work. So, pantyliners are one such accessory that can help women during their everyday problems such as vaginal discharge or mild spotting.

What Are Panty Liners?

As we all know, in women, there is a common and natural phenomenon known as vaginal discharge. This might be due to a number of reasons such as ovulation, vaginal lubrication, arousal, etc. During these times, it is possible that the underwear might become stained and wet, which makes it uncomfortable for the women. So, for these scenarios, some women find it useful to have a panty liner in order to keep their underwear fresh, dry, and free from any stains.

These panty liners are nothing but absorbent pads, and they are very similar to that of a menstrual pad, but it is very thin in size and has less absorption. Similar to menstrual pads, panty liners are also advised to be changed every 3-4 hours. These liners are placed in the gusset of the underwear to avoid stains by absorbing the vaginal discharge.

Pantyliners are now available in various sizes, shapes, and portability choices and are suitable for light period flow to heavy vaginal discharge. They come in different styles in order to wear with all types of outfits. We also have reusable cloth panty liners that can be washed and used for a couple of months. They are available with wing-like structures that provide additional support and help to reduce the fear of leaks.

Who Can Use a Panty Liner?

As mentioned earlier, panty liners can be used for everyday reasons like light period flow, sudden vaginal discharge, spotting after intercourse, etc. Also, during periods, a panty liner can be used in addition to a tampon, menstrual cup, or pad in order to have extra protection. And for people with only light menstrual bleeding, they find panty liners to be more comfortable and flexible than a menstrual pad.

So, any woman who has a fear of staining her underwear has the problem of unexpected and sudden vaginal discharge, or someone who will experience stains during periods can make use of the panty liners as it can help in all the mentioned scenarios.

Also, it has been identified that panty liners are extremely useful during puberty as the discharge and spotting during puberty are very unexpected and happen very frequently. Also, postpartum bleeding can be managed using the help of panty liners. This bleeding is called Lochia and might last for at least eight weeks after the date of childbirth.

How to Use a Panty Liner?

Pantyliners are just like menstrual pads, and it is very easy to use. They are more comfortable and flexible, also a preferable option for women.

  • The panty liners are to be worn inside any underwear, just like a sanitary napkin. It consists of an adhesive strip on the bottom surface to ensure that it stays in place.

  • A panty liner is to be placed vertically and should be wrapped around the gusset of the underwear to make it more secure.

  • Since the panty liners are to be changed as often as possible, it is advised not to wear them during sleep.

  • It is mandatory to change the liners if it becomes moist. It is best to avoid scented liners as they might cause unwanted irritations.

  • It is also important to change your liners every four hours to avoid any infections and to keep your underwear dry and stain-free.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Panty Liner?

Some women use panty liners as a habit as well as prefer wearing them daily to avoid any kinds of unexpected stains and leakages. There are some benefits that come from using a panty liner. They are:

  • They provide protection against everyday urine leakage, unexpected periods, and vaginal discharge.

  • They help in keeping moisture and stain away from the underwear.

  • Panty liners help women during the last days of the period where there is very slight bleeding.

  • Also, panty liners are used when the flow is not as heavy as it is during normal bleeding and when tampons or pads are not required.

  • They help in keeping the underwear clean and dry.

  • In older women or women who have recently given birth, panty liners are helpful against incontinence.

  • In some women, there will be slight spotting after penetrative sex, so panty liners can be useful in managing these situations.

What Are the Downsides of Wearing a Panty Liner?

Though these panty liners work wonders for many scenarios, there are certain disadvantages or limitations in using them. They are listed below:

  • They are useful before and after a menstrual period, but they are not suitable during heavy flow and hence cannot be worn during the period.

  • For some women, the liners can rub against the labia and cause redness, itching, and irritation.

  • As mentioned earlier, there are scented liners that contain chemicals to induce the scent, but they can also cause irritation to the sensitive tissues around the vagina.


The usage of panty liners is subjective to each woman's requirement and the level of comfort it brings to them. It is preferred by most working women who feel the need to be more confident and presentable and who want to avoid any kind of leakage or stains on their clothes. But again, if they get any irritation or redness while using a panty liner, then it might not be suitable for them. Either way, it purely depends on the individual’s choice and comfort on whether panty liners are good for them.

Frequently Asked Questions


When to Use Panty Liners?

Pantyliners provide protection from urine leakage, vaginal discharge, and unexpected periods. It can be helpful when used in the last days of a period when there is still some slight bleeding, and it is useful when the flow is not heavy enough to use a tampon or a pad.


Can I Use Panty Liners Every Day?

Wearing a panty liner can help keep the underwear clean and dry from stains. Pantyliners are thin versions of pads, so you do not need to use panty liners every day. It is most helpful for the last days of a period.


What Is the Difference Between Panty Liners and Pads?

A panty liner is a thin and absorbent pad worn in the gusset of the underwear to absorb urine leakage, vaginal discharge, or light menstrual flow. They are basically thin versions of pads used to prevent stains. The panty liners are used when the menstrual flow is lighter, whereas pads are used during heavier period days.


How Often Should I Wear Panty Liners?

Panty liners protect the underwear from vaginal discharge and help maintain a clean, dry feeling throughout the day. And they work better when changed every three to four hours.


Which Are Better Pads or Liners?

Pads are basically designed to absorb the heavy menstrual flow during your periods. Sanitary pads are usually thicker and more absorbent than panty liners. You do not have to wear pads daily, but you can wear panty liners to feel clean and dry.


Are Panty Liners Needed?

Panty liners help maintain a fresh and clean feeling throughout the day. It is natural to encounter vaginal discharge anytime during the day, and you can feel damp and uncomfortable, particularly during workouts. Wearing a panty liner helps absorb the vaginal discharge or urine leakage.


How Long Should You Wear a Panty Liner?

A panty liner is designed to be worn for one day. And if you plan to wear one overnight, then it is better to wear a new one at nighttime. If the panty liner becomes moist, then it is the right time to change it.


How Often Do You Need to Change Panty Liners?

Pantyliners are recommended to be changed every three to five hours. Though they are designed to be worn the whole day, once it gets damp, it needs to be changed. If it is staying dry and clean, then it can be changed once a day.


What Are the Best Panty Liners for Sensitive Skin?

Pantyliners that are made of 100 % certified organic cotton inside and out and those which provide unsurpassed absorbency and leak protection are best for women with sensitive skin. Cotton-soft panty liners are gentle, so they are good for sensitive skin and give you the complete protection you deserve.


Can Panty Liners Be Reused?

Reusable panty liners are eco-friendly and are a great alternative to disposable pads. It will provide extra protection and peace of mind if you are too worried about leaks. Reusable panty liners come in a range of different colors, sizes, materials, and absorbencies. It can be washed regularly and reused for a few years.


Why Do Panty Liners Make Me Itch?

Panty liners rub against the labia, possibly triggering redness, irritation, and itching. Scented panty liners may contain chemicals causing irritation to the sensitive tissues around the vagina. And regularly using panty liners with an impermeable layer blocks the air circulation preventing the sweat from evaporating causing itching.


How Can Panty Liners Prevent Yeast Infections?

The vagina is naturally lubricated, which helps ward off the infection. But maintaining proper personal hygiene is very important. If you are on your period, ensure that you change your tampons, pads, or panty liners every three to four hours to avoid infections.
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Dr. Nisha Marhatta

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