Answered by Dr. Shubadeep Debabrata Sinha

Answered by Dr. Shubadeep Debabrata Sinha

How does the avian influenza virus affect humans?

Hi doctor,

I am a 30-year-old woman, and I have been hearing a lot about this avian influenza virus that can come from birds. The news channels show a lot about this, and I feel really scared. Can you provide me with a detailed explanation of what Avian influenza is, how it spreads, and what I can do to keep myself safe? Additionally, I am very much concerned about the symptoms of this virus. Can you please describe the common symptoms that I should be aware of? I want to survive and live long. Please help.

19 Feb 2024 - 1 min read

Can antifungal medications help in the management of onychomycosis?

Hello doctor,

My uncle is 57 years old. A few days ago, he noticed certain symptoms and changes in his skin and nails that led him to believe that a fungal infection might be the cause. I am seeking your professional guidance and expertise in addressing this matter. The suspected fungal infection seems to be localized in his toenails and the skin between his toes. What are the available treatment options for fungal infections, both over-the-counter and prescription medications, and which ones do you believe would be the most effective in his case? Additionally, are there any preventive measures or lifestyle changes he should consider to reduce the risk of future fungal infections?

Thank you.

17 Feb 2024 - 1 min read

Does AIDS cause lymphocytosis or lymphocytopenia?

Hello doctor,

According to my CBC report, my lymphocyte count is above the normal count. Does this range come under lymphocytosis? Also, I read that lymphocytosis is one of the causes of AIDS. I am confused and I thought AIDS destroys lymphocytes and causes lymphocytopenia.

Please help me.

16 Feb 2024 - 1 min read

What causes constant diarrhea despite taking antibiotics?

Hello doctor,

I feel I have diarrhea and dysentery, nothing stays in my stomach. Whatever I eat, in the form of watery stool and the pain in the stomach becomes unbearable. Along with watery stool, some mucus kind comes out. I had gone to the loo many times a day which I feel is very dangerous because the pain became unbearable. What should I do, I am taking medicines like antibiotics. However, it is not effective enough to cure diarrhea.

14 Feb 2024 - 1 min read

I found a blue sack in my vomit with a grainy white powder in the middle. Is it a blood clot?

Hi doctor,

I am a 20-year-old female with a weight of 116 kilograms and a height of five feet nine inches. I became sick from the evening today. I have nausea, headache, diarrhea with a feeling of shakiness. I found a blue sack in my vomit with a white grainy powder in the middle. I have not taken any candy or anything that resembles the blue sack. I thought it as blood clot. I took Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen today. Please help.

01 Feb 2024 - 1 min read

Dr. Shubadeep Debabrata Sinha
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