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What could cause atopic dermatitis in a woman and her daughters from five months?


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Published At November 22, 2023
Reviewed AtDecember 26, 2023

Patient's Query

Hello doctor,

Myself, and my daughters had a rash that came up around five months ago that is almost invisible but slightly visible and looks almost like circular blood vessels under the surface of the skin. They become most visible after bathing, and become most irritated or itchy.

There are no bumps or raised skin, but this rash feels and acts fungal in every other sense. For me, the rash started on my feet and then spread up to my legs, stomach, arms, and then all over, including my hands, palms, and fingers. About a month in, all my joints began to ache and my bones felt as if I had arthritis. My three-year-old daughter has begun over this time telling me that her bones hurt and that she has something pointing to her wrists, ankles, and knees, in all these areas I am also experiencing pains. My youngest is not even a year old yet and is not able to communicate but has the same odd rash that shows more after bathing or lotion. I have gone to dermatologists and had a biopsy and was only told that my blood vessels are dilated. No other info and they seem to have little care or concern for me and my girls. I have been seeing a nurse practitioner who says she knows nothing of fungal infections but that it could be eczema which just does not add up as this is causing very odd aches in my body. I am seriously concerned that this could be some variant of invasive candidiasis, which I know sounds strange but I was recently in the hospital having my baby and was cut and this showed up shortly after. I have not been able to connect with any doctor who seems to care and I am seriously concerned for my family. We have never been through such a condition before and currently do not take any medication for it. I underwent a biopsy for this condition and the result said my blood vessels are dilated.

My husband also has this rash and does seem to be itchy but he says it does not bother him too much. My nine-year-old stepson has just moved in June permanently. He has been through a lot and I do not want to distress him by asking a lot of questions about if he is being impacted or noticed a rash but I am concerned how this might impact him or if it has already. So far he has not said anything, but I have been very concerned that this could affect him.

Thank you.

Hello doctor,

Welcome to icliniq.com.

I read your query and understand your concern.

As per the attached images, it appears to be an atopic rash with a superficial fungal infection component (attachments removed to protect the patient's identity). I can suggest the following: Consult your specialist doctor, discuss with them, and take the medicines with their consent.

  1. Use an antifungal body wash twice daily for one month.

  2. Ketoconazole soap for baths for one month.

  3. If inflammation occurs, apply Desonide lotion at night for 10 days to reduce redness.

  4. Keep the area clean and dry.

  5. Syrup Atarax (Hydroxyzine hydrochloride) half teaspoon twice daily for seven days (for the baby).

  6. Tablet Montelukast and Levocetirizine once at night after food for seven days (if itching is present, not for the baby and the child).

  7. Tablet Loratadine 10 milligrams once a day after breakfast for 10 days (if irritation only for adults).

  8. Avoid known triggers.

  9. Use lukewarm water for a bath.

  10. Avoid activities that cause sweating.

  11. Stay in a well-ventilated room and cool environment.

  12. Avoid humid weather conditions.

  13. Wear loose comfortable thin cotton clothes.

  14. Avoid woolen, and synthetic wear.

  15. Apply Miconazole cream twice daily for six weeks (on the itchy lesions).

  16. Maintain proper hygiene.

  17. Get routine blood workup done.

Follow up with reports so that I can help you in a better way. I hope my answers help you.


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Dr. Dhepe Snehal Madhav
Dr. Dhepe Snehal Madhav


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