Q. I am getting a clear sticky fluid that comes out after ejaculation. What could this be?

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Hello doctor,

I have been suffering from balanitis for the past three months. I was told it was a yeast infection and treated with ointment and antibiotics; however, the redness was still there, although not as bad; I was then treated with a two-week steroid cream course with no results. I have also been checked for certain STIs. I am not sure what this could be; however, it is worth noting that I noticed this is hurt to sit and felt very uncomfortable to pee the first couple of days. When I sat down, I had to sit a sure way to keep pressure off my anus area and penis area; it felt like the pressure was coming from the space between the anus and penis. This has since passed, and months later, I finally decided to masturbate and am now suffering from premature ejaculation and still have balanitis. I have also noticed a clear sticky fluid that looks like a pre-ejaculate coming out after ejaculation. Even up to an hour or so after ejaculation, it will come up; if I ejaculate and then urinate, I will still have this clear sticky fluid coming out after I pee if I ejaculated. The ejaculation appears normal in color etc. I have also noticed when I do urinate; it is not all coming out; it is like the last little bit does not come out, so when I urinate and then go sit down, which puts pressure on the area, the last little bit will come out. Can someone tell me where to start or what this might be? I will also attach a picture of what my penis looks like.



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Balanitis can be due to STI (sexually transmitted infection), or as you described, fungal infection and treatment with antibiotics could turn the test results negative. In some people, symptoms persist as this infection goes to the prostate gland and causes prostatitis, especially if you have incomplete emptying and urination frequency. For diagnosis, you will need to do semen for culture. This will show which bacteria are in your semen, and we can start your antibiotic for six weeks.

For the premature ejaculation part, I hope I will be secondary to prostatitis and will go off after treatment. If it persists, then we can treat it in the following ways.

  1. Coitus interruptus is to hold near the climax in intercourse. Then start again and so on.
  2. Squeeze the tip of the penis near ejaculation, then start again.
  3. Applying local anesthesia gel during sex reduces sensitivity delay ejaculate, gel like Xylocaine (Lignocaine) gel.
  4. Medical treatment with Serotonin reuptake inhibitors like Fluoxetine 20 mg once daily.

Try to avoid medication for premature ejaculation use other methods.

Please follow-up with the test result to enable me to decide on an antibiotic.

If you have any more queries, please do not hesitate to ask.

Kind regards.

Hi doctor,

Thanks for your reply.

Fine, so I was tested for gonorrhea and Chlamydia before starting treatment, and both came back negative; the only thing I was using before the test was an over the counter cream. I am assuming the premature ejaculation and leakage of clear like fluid well after ejaculation is related to whatever is going on, being I never had this issue before. I was not tested for any other STI because the doctor told me it did not appear to look like an STI. I had a urine culture done and found no bacteria or yeast, etc. I have noticed some pain in my left buttock; I am assuming this is related; I have seen a urologist who told me he does not believe it is an infection and advises me that it may be a stricture I am scheduled to have a cystoscopy done. Would this be able to tell if it is something with my prostate as well? Basically, I am leaking clear sticky fluid after ejaculation up to an hour after; the last little bit of urine appears to be stuck in my urethra. However, there is no real pain with ejaculation or urination. The head of my penis is inflamed with red patches and sensitive. I have used all kinds of creams for this. It does not seem to go away; it sometimes looks like it is going out, and then it will flare up again. If it is my prostate, could this cause the irritation at the tip of my penis and explain the leaking fluid from my penis after ejaculation and restricting urine flow even if it does not hurt?



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It will help if you do not go for further testing of STI. Penis head redness was caused by infection previously, which is recovering, and this redness on the penis would heal in a few weeks. The prostatic disease usually stays longer hence semen for culture and treatment. The cystoscopy will see the urethra, prostate, and bladder, but I will not diagnose prostatitis. It can diagnose urethral stricture or bladder lesion, if any. I hope you got a clearer understanding. Get back to me if you require any more explanations.

Kind regards.

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