Beta Hcg

Beta hCG, also called hCG blood test, is a test that detects the levels of human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (hCG) in the blood. The cells in the placenta produce this hormone during pregnancy. This hormone can be detected in blood after 11 days of conception, and the levels double every 48 to 72 hours. hCG levels reach their peak between 8 and 11 weeks of pregnancy.

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Does delay in periods due to displacement of IUD mean ectopic pregnancy?

Query: Hi doctor, I am 29 years old with a Paragard IUD, and it has been dropped beyond the normal place. I was told to get my IUD out. I have an abnormal discharge, and I am 10 days late on my period. I got a pregnancy test done, and it was an error. I had an ultrasound, and I saw what looks like an ec...  Read Full »

Dr. R Balakrishnan Menon

Infertility Specialist, Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to You are missing the most important thing that is the pregnancy test is an error, which means it is not positive. Of course, if IUD (intrauterine device) is displaced from the normal position, there is a chance of pregnancy and also of tubal ectopic pregnancy. But,...  Read Full »

Can I be pregnant even after getting periods twice after intercourse?

Query: Hi doctor,I am worried about being pregnant because I am having all the pregnancy symptoms. However, I have had periods after I had sex which was protected by a condom.  Read Full »

Dr. Samer S J Altawil


Answer: Hi, Welcome to Thanks for consulting us. It is unlikely to be pregnant if you had menses twice after last intercourse. You can check with a urine pregnancy test called beta hCG test whether the pregnancy is positive or negative. This test is available in every pharmacy. Note sometime...  Read Full »

Can spotting occur during early pregnancy?

Query: Hi doctor,My period got delayed for 11 days and yesterday, I had some spotting. It is unusual for me as I have regular periods. I do not have any cramps and my flow is not heavy. Sometimes I have dizziness. I did a pregnancy test and it showed me a negative result. Is there any possibility for me to...  Read Full »

Dr. Vidyaprem

Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to As your pregnancy test was negative, you have a less likely chance to be pregnant. In view of false-negative results, you can do a blood test called serum beta-hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) to confirm it. Sometimes, your cycles can get delayed due to hormonal chan...  Read Full »

My breasts are sore with irregular periods after taking a new contraceptive pill. What to do?

Query: Hi doctor, Last month, I started a new birth control pill and I bled nearly about 20 days or more. This month I was really late. But, my boobs were extremely sore. I am extremely sexually active with my boyfriend. Then, I bled heavily for a few days with clots and the pain was so extreme. I had naus...  Read Full »

Dr. Neha Singh Rathod

Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to If your beta hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) levels are below 100 and are not rising, then there is no chance of pregnancy. However, these symptoms could be because of stress, strain, anxiety, work pressure, change of place, change in climate or hormonal changes due to...  Read Full »

Can I still be pregnant if I missed my period and the test is negative?

Query: Hi doctor, I have done a pregnancy test, and it is negative, but I did not get my period. The date was on 13th of this month, and it is already 17th.  Read Full »

Dr. Sabita Laskar

Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Thanks for writing to us. It is advisable to wait for one week before you do a pregnancy test to avoid a false report. Since you have mentioned your due was on the 13th of this month, please do the test on the 20th of this month. If you do not want to wait, then you ca...  Read Full »

Does hCG level of 26 before periods indicate early pregnancy?

Query: Hi doctor, My HCG level was 26 today. And, I have not missed my period yet (it is supposed to start within a few days). Is that HCG level reading low?  Read Full »

Dr. Reetika Joshi

Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to If you are sexually active, then your reading of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is of early pregnancy. If the measurement unit is mIU/ml, then it is possible that you may have conceived. It is also recommended that you please take a urine pregnancy test with t...  Read Full »

Is it possible for me to become pregnant without ejaculation of sperm inside vagina?

Query: Hi doctor,I am a 21-year-old girl with a weight of 33 kilograms and a height of five feet four inches. I have a history of Hodgkins's lymphoma and got treatment before four years. I read about splash pregnancy. A similar thing happened to me and to my boyfriend. We never had proper vaginal sex. Can ...  Read Full »

Dr. R Balakrishnan Menon

Infertility Specialist, Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Pregnancy cannot be predicted without knowing your ovulation period. Sperms are attracted chemically towards the egg. So semen does not need to enter the vagina. Even if they fall on the thighs, they can find their way up to the egg within half an hour. Washing with soa...  Read Full »

Does Primolut-N and I-pill, when taken together, delay periods?

Query: Hi doctor,I took Primolut-N for six days as I was going out for the vacation. My boyfriend fingered me and before that he touched his penis. So, we got tensed regarding pregnant. I took an I-pill also within 72 hours. But, I did not get my regular period this time. Am I pregnant?  Read Full »

Dr. Sameer Kumar

Family Physician, Obstetrician And Gynaecologist, Infertility Specialist

Answer: Hello, Welcome back to By taking an I-pill (emergency contraceptive pill - a high dose progesterone), you have further delayed your menses. Otherwise, it would have started within five to eight days after finishing Primolut-N (Norethisterone). Now, you may have to wait another 7 to 10 d...  Read Full »

Can negative UPT alone rule out pregnancy?

Query: Hello doctor, My partner did a UPT after 24 days of last intercourse and a serum beta hCG test after 26 days. UPT negative and beta hCG 0.25 mIU/ml. Is it enough to rule out pregnancy? Or have we tested too early? If a further test is required, please guide us.  Read Full »

Dr. Reetika Joshi

Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I fully understand your concern and will surely help you. See, it is always better if the pregnancy test is done after any delay in periods. Nevertheless, 24 days is a good time for hCG to rise if the female has conceived, so it is fine. It will be helpful for me to...  Read Full »

Kindly confirm your impression regarding the abdominal ultrasound taken for early pregnancy.

Query: Hello doctor, I wanted to obtain your second opinion regarding my abdominal pregnancy. I am set to receive laparoscopy to investigate but wanted to reaffirm my prior reports due to the Obgyn's disbelief that what is being investigated are actual twin fetuses (which still move every day). I was als...  Read Full »

Dr. Ismail Kabakus


Answer: Hi, Welcome to I understand your concern and frustration. Thank you for giving all details about your medical history (attachment removed to protect patient identity). It helps a lot. Before I make a judgment, I would like you to upload all abdomen CT (computed tomography) and M...  Read Full »

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