Q. Is there any way to treat blurry vision due to dry eyes?

Answered by Dr. Manjunath Natarajan and medically reviewed by Dr. Divya Banu M


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Hello doctor,

I am a female, 71 years old, hypothyroid. Question: I have an epithelial defect secondary to dry eye causing increasing blurred vision. Past three months I had an amniotic transplant but not successful followed by current tarsorrhaphy. I have been given little hope of better visual results when the sutures are removed next week. What, if any, is the next intervention here to regain visual acuity?

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Dr. Manjunath Natarajan
Ophthalmology (Eye Care


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I am very sorry to hear about your condition. Usually, such a picture suggests quite a severe disease. So, there is no such clear cut fix to your problems. The main thing to understand is that dry eye which is this severe is usually caused by some secondary diseases which need to be treated first. A few other treatments which can be done in your case can be autologous serum eye drops, limbal stem cell graft, humifying goggles. Once again, as I mentioned before there is no straightforward fix. But these are a few genuine treatment measures which can be taken.

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Dr. Manjunath Natarajan
Eye Care Ophthalmologist

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Dr. Vaibhev Mittal
Eye Care Ophthalmologist

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Dr. Vaibhev Mittal
Eye Care Ophthalmologist

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