Calculus, otherwise called tartar, is the hard yellowish deposit on the teeth near the gums. You cannot brush it away as they are mineralized and hard deposits. Dental scaling will help remove this deposit and prevent gum diseases.

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How can I get rid of tartar in teeth?

Query: Hello doctor, I am 18 and I rarely brush. Just a handful of months ago, I got plaque at the insides of my bottom teeth and now it has become worse with tartar and plaque. How can I get rid of it?  Read Full »

Dr. Iyer Parth Laxminarayan

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Irregular maintenance of good oral hygiene (like tooth brushing) can lead to tartar or plaque deposits around the teeth and on the gums. This weakens the jaw bones and mobilizes teeth in the long run. Bad breath can also be seldom avoided. However, prevention is better th...  Read Full »

Can the blue laser used by the orthodontist remove calculus from my teeth?

Query: Hello doctor, Can the blue laser my orthodontist used instead of scaling remove the calculus? Kindly help.  Read Full »

Dr. Mayank Khandelwal

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I read your query and understand your concern. The blue laser you are talking about is the blue LED light used by the orthodontist. It is used to polymerize the adhesives to fix the tooth brackets. The adhesive is unpolymerized (meaning not in the final state and is s...  Read Full »

I brush my teeth regularly but cannot get rid of bad breath. Why?

Query: Hello doctor, I suffer from bad breath. I brush my teeth regularly but cannot get rid of bad breath. Kindly suggest a treatment.  Read Full »

Dr. Beryl F

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have gone through your query and understand your concern. Bad breath or halitosis can be caused due to dental and non-dental reasons. Dental reasons include- 1. Accumulation of tartar or calculus on the tooth. 2. Failed tooth fillings or crowns. 3. Multiple teet...  Read Full »

Why do I have pain and swelling in my gums?

Query: Hi doctor, I have pain and swelling in gums and sometimes bleeding as well.  Read Full »

Dr. Bharat Joshi

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Please do not worry. Thank you very much for sending pictures and for making my diagnosis clear. See, it is gingivitis along with a traumatic ulcer. Gingivitis is due to the accumulation of plaque and while the ulcer is due to hot food inhalation. I am prescribing so...  Read Full »

Why does my son have bad breath even after brushing and rinsing his mouth?

Query: Hi doctor, My son has had bad breath from his mouth for the past years. Even after brushing twice a day and rinsing his mouth after eating, his symptoms do not seem to improve. Because of this, he loses confidence while talking to others. He does not feel comfortable visiting a doctor for this. Ple...  Read Full »

Dr. Naveen Thomas

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I suggest you convince him to visit a dentist to get looked up. He may have calculus and plaque along with some decayed teeth, which may be causing it. I suggest he use warm salt water rinses twice daily or Betadine rinse till then.  Read Full »

My X-ray report shows a spot near the gallbladder. Please help me interpret it.

Query: Hi doctor, I had an X-ray at a chiropractor clinic that showed a spot near the gallbladder. I am finding it hard to interpret the X-ray results. I took Pepto capsules one hour before the X-ray. I also take tablet Livalo, tablet Olemsartan, and tablet Prilosec daily. Can you help me understand the X...  Read Full »

Dr. Mounica Kavikondala

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have seen the X-rays you sent (attachment removed to protect the patient's identity). The gall bladder fossa is not visible. Please send me the whole chest X-ray again. In the images you have sent, everything looks normal. The right Acromioclavicular joint, shoulde...  Read Full »

What does green discoloration of upper front tooth indicate?

Query: Hi doctor, I have a crack that runs from my two front top teeth and it has a green color and is noticeable when I smile. It is near the gum line but causes no pain. Do I need a dentist checkup?  Read Full »

Dr. Sourendra Nath Basu

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Yes, you need to visit your dentist as early as possible. Those green lines are basically a form of "calcified plaque or calculus" in medical term and the reason behind their green color can be chromogenic bacteria. These plaques are needed to be removed at the earl...  Read Full »

What is the cause for bleeding, swelling, and pain in the gums?

Query: Hi doctor, I have bleeding, swelling, and pain in the gums. Please suggest tablets for getting relief.  Read Full »

Dr. Divya Banu M

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Bleeding gums are due to inflamed (simply, swollen) gums. The most probable cause is calculus (hard deposits) and plaque (soft deposits) irritating the gums. The treatment is to get a professional cleaning (scaling) done by a dentist. You can do lukewarm salt water garg...  Read Full »

I have pain in the left molar region and bleeding gums. Please help.

Query: Hi doctor, I have extreme pain in my left molar region, and I also have swollen gums that bleed¬†while brushing. Please help.  Read Full »

Dr. Muzaffer Hussain Parray

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I had gone through your question. I can understand your concern about your bleeding gums and gingivitis. You need to keep brushing your teeth even though it bleeds. And you also need to get your teeth cleaned (oral prophylaxis). Probable causes: Plaque. Calculus....  Read Full »

Why am I having bleeding gums constantly for two years?

Query: Hello doctor, I have constant bleeding gums for the past two years. My dentist seems unable to help, as he advises me to continue brushing my teeth and the problem will come to an end. This problem seems to be creating new health problems for me. I really need help and I do not know who to turn to.  Read Full »

Dr. Muzaffer Hussain Parray

Answer: Hi, Welcome to The cause for your bleeding gums can be local like calculus, for that you need to get a dental scaling done (oral prophylaxis). Brush your teeth twice daily using an ultrasoft toothbrush. You also need to get your blood pressure checked twice daily for three days. Most ...  Read Full »

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