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Cushing's Syndrome

Cushing's syndrome occurs when there are higher levels of cortisol in the body. It is caused due to increased usage of steroid drugs and excess production of cortisol by adrenal glands. Affected individuals have moon face, fertility problems, and they feel tired and sad. Cushing's syndrome is cured by radiation, surgery, medication, and by reducing steroid usage.

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Is Cushing's syndrome the cause for hair on my face, hands, and legs?

Query: Hi doctor,I am a 19 year old female. I have hair on my face, hands, and legs. I have regular periods. My weight is 50 kg, and I am 153 cm tall. Is this Cushing's syndrome?  Read Full »

Dr. Srivastava, Sumit

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Thanks for your query. Excess unwanted hair at unusual sites requires investigation for any underlying hormonal abnormality even if the cycles are regular. It is routine to go for a few blood tests to look for any underlying hormonal abnormality. Laser hair reduct...  Read Full »

Why do I have a lot of health issues like bruising, hair fall, and weight gain?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 43 year old female. My height is 5 feet 6 inches, and I weigh 185 lbs. I feel awful. Please tell me what you think may be wrong. Most of my adult life weight was 150 to 155 lbs. A sudden weight gain started five years ago. My weight is now always in the 175 to 185 range. I eat a...  Read Full »

Dr. Uphar Gupta

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have gone through your history, and commend you for the detailed presentation. You appear to be suffering from Cushing's syndrome. You have probably consumed steroids as a supplement or for pain relief. You have achieved menopause at an early age, but still, we...  Read Full »

I suffer from Cushing’s syndrome and diabetes. What to do?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 48-year-old female. I have been diagnosed with Cushing's syndrome and also have type 2 diabetes. My doctor recently prescribed Recorlev for my condition. I am curious to understand whether Recorlev is a better treatment option compared to surgery for managing Cushing's syndrom...  Read Full »

Dr. Pandian. P

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I went through your query. You can try the surgery option also. But it depends upon the cause of your Cushing's disease whether endogenous or exogenous. Surgery of the pituitary or adrenal glands is somewhat technically warranted. So, I suggest you go for drugs ac...  Read Full »

I am worried about my fiance's weight gain. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor, I am concerned about excessive weight gain by my fiance. He is a 29 year old male, whose height is approximately 6 feet, and he weighs 150 kg. Over the last two years, my fiance had lost around 40 kg using the Banting diet, common in our country. It is based on the principles of no ca...  Read Full »

Dr. Kulkarni Rahul Suresh

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Based on your description, it is advisable to perform the following tests to rule out any pathological cause of the weight gain.  Thyroid function tests. Liver function test. Kidney function tests. Random and basal cortisol levels to check for an evidence of Cushings'...  Read Full »

When can a person have cyclical Cushing's syndrome?

Query: Hi doctor, I am 21 years now. I weigh 132 lbs and was diagnosed with cyclical Cushing's syndrome at the age of 20. I had an MRI scan for a pituitary tumor in my brain. But, the clinical findings did not match up. I went to a top end endocrinologist who is a professor in endocrinology. I have beard ...  Read Full »

Dr. Srivastava, Sumit

Answer: Hi, Welcome to No, there is no other pituitary in the brain and sometimes urinary test fails to detect hormones. In cyclical Cushing's, the cortisol levels fluctuate over time, making the diagnosis even more difficult. The source of ectopic hormone production should be searched for,...  Read Full »

Can someone have Cushing's and Addison's disease?

Query: Hello doctor, I am having vertigo, water retention, muscle weakness, muscle pain all over, tired, weight gain (obesity), severe mood swings, depression and swelling face, feet, stomach, etc. Can someone have Cushing and Addison disease? Can they have both? My cortisol levels fluctuate. Can be very l...  Read Full »

Dr. Shaikh Sadaf

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I just read your query and from what you have mentioned it is seldom that Cushing’s disease and Addison’s disease occur together. The results that you have provided (attachment removed to protect patient identity) could be attributed to the stress levels endured ...  Read Full »

I have extensive internal inflammation and cortisol issues. How to reduce stress?

Query: Hi doctor, I was 160 pounds and felt good and gained 40 pounds in the last two years, 25 of those pounds in three months with no diet change. I typically only eat once a day. I eat more and gain more weight. Yes, I know it is bad for me, but I cannot change it unless I get some help. I have been tol...  Read Full »

Dr. Shaikh Sadaf

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I just read your query and understand your concern. From what you have mentioned, it does seem that you have a stress-induced rise in cortisol levels. To diagnose hypercortisolism, you must do 24-hour urinary-free cortisol measurements, and if that is high, we can come...  Read Full »

I have a hump on my back and purple stretch marks. Why?

Query: Hello doctor,Do I need to be tested for Cushing's? I was diagnosed seven years ago as being insulin resistant, and since them, symptoms keep appearing. I have the fatty hump on my upper back, but when asking my doctor, she blamed weight. I ended up looking more in-depth and found a picture from my s...  Read Full »

Dr. Sagar Ramesh Makode

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Considering the symptoms which you have described, the test should be done. You should undergo two of the following criteria since you have a high index of suspicion, 1. The overnight 1 mg Dexamethasone suppression test (DST) which involves taking one mg Dexamethasone ...  Read Full »

I have stretch marks. Why do they appear, and what are the ways to prevent it?

Query: Hello doctor, I have stretch marks. Why these appear and how it can be prevented?. Please give me an idea of avoiding this disease.  Read Full »

Dr. Sajeev Kumar

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Stretch marks may appear due to the rapid hormonal changes and growth associated with puberty, during pregnancy, or with medical diseases, such as Cushing syndrome. Stretch marks can have causes that are not due to underlying disease. Examples include pregnancy, weight...  Read Full »

What could be the reason for my rapid weight gain and missed period?

Query: Hello doctor, I am an 18-year-old female. I have a history of rapid weight gain over 3 months with severe stretch marks over breasts, fullness around the face and upper body. At the time of blood work, I was taking a low dose birth control pill (Blisovi 24 Fe) and multivitamin and biotin. I continu...  Read Full »

Dr. Shaikh Sadaf

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I just read your query. There are three differential diagnoses such as drug-induced Cushing syndrome, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and pregnancy. For Cushing's syndrome, do 24-hour urinary free cortisol, low dose Dexamethasone suppression test is suggested, if positi...  Read Full »

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