Q. If I get braces for deep bite, will it affect my face profile?

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Image: If I get braces for deep bite, will it affect my face profile?

Hi doctor,

I have a 1 to 2 mm deep bite, which is mild. If I get braces and my wisdom teeth out, then my lower facial profile will improve. Will it change my face from round to something else? My jawline looks very awkward. My jawline almost slants before it hits the actual change of direction point. But, for other people, their jawline is straight down or slanted straight and then hits the vertex of the two lines. Does my overbite have something to do with it?

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Dr. Naveen Thomas
Dentistry, Endodontist, Paediatric Dentistry, Periodontist


Welcome to icliniq.com.

  • The facial shape will never change now from ovoid to some other.
  • The main problem with your jaw is that they are constricted (attachment removed to protect patient identity). It means V-shape especially the lower one, which has caused this anomaly.
  • Your mandible is deficient that is deficient growth, but cannot be changed as the growing stage is nearly over. But, with dental braces the shape of the dental arch will be changed from V-shape to a more U-shaped arch.
  • Braces will change this constricted arch to a more rounded arch, which will give a better appearance.
  • The slanting of the jaw is what I said will improve a bit when the third molar too erupts.

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