Q. Can depression cause crying without reason, feeling useless and demotivated?

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Hello doctor,

Do I have depression? I need to know because I think it will be a whole lot easier if I know and admit it myself. Last night I was crying without reason, it has been like this for five years now. I can go on not going out of my room for a week without eating and every time I worry too much, I cannot concentrate. I want to be good at studying but there are days when it is too much and I cannot seem to focus. One day I feel fine and positive and really motivated but then after a few hours I hit that feeling of uselessness again and I cannot do anything.

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Can depression cause crying without reason, feeling useless and demotivated?
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Dr. Aneel Kumar


Welcome to icliniq.com.

Depression can be normal and can be a disease. Depression is diagnosed when a person has low or depressed mood for most of the day every day at least two weeks, lack of interest and pleasure in daily activities, other symptoms are sleep disturbances, appetite changes, poor concentration, pessimistic thoughts, feeling guilty, hopelessness, thoughts of ending life. It is multifactorial. Your history is suggestive of depression as you have mentioned that these symptoms were in the past also, try to find out what is causing your depression. Any current issues or any past life event?

Treatment plan:

Tablet Escitalopram 10 mg at night, tablet Alprazolam 0.5 mg at night if sleep issues, lifestyle modification (go for walk daily, meet with your friends, share your problem with whom you trust), psychotherapy sessions.

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