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Q. Which cosmetic procedure will make my face more symmetrical?


Hello doctor,

I am seeking to make my face more symmetrical. I am already considering a nose job. What other procedures could help? I have attached two photos of mine. One is the real photo of the left side, and the other one is the mirror image of the right side of my face.


Dr. Vikram Kumar Raja
Cosmetology, Hair Transplant Surgeon, Plastic Surgery – Reconstructive And Cosmetic


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  • As far as I could see the face looks great. However, if you are looking for the nose job or other surgical procedures, then my suggestion is to go for a non-surgical procedure first.
  • You can get a non-surgical procedure such as a dermal filler for both face and nose to tweak the areas you consider asymmetrical to visualise how it will look on you for some time.
  • After the filler dissolves over few months, you can go ahead with surgical correction such as nose job or maybe a fat injection for the face.

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