Q. What can cause ear blockage?

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Dr. Shyam Kalyan N
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Hi doctor,

My right ear has been blocked a few days ago. Whenever I tried to laugh, smile or wink, the jaw line muscles went up and it pushes to block the right ear hearing. Doctor told me that it is partially ear wax blockage. But, I do not think so. I did try to put olive oil. And also I did not suffer from cold or flu lately.

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Dr. Shyam Kalyan N

Allergy Specialist Otolaryngology (E.N.T)


Welcome to icliniq.com.

From the details you have given in your query it seems to me that it is indeed wax only.

As it pushes against the eardrum and further increases the block when you smile, laugh or wink, it is more likely impacted wax than anything else. However, one can be sure of that only if you see inside through an otoscope.

If the doctor looked in through an otoscope and then said it as ear wax then it is most probably correct. In such a case you may apply Soliwax or Waxsolve ear drops of five to six drops around five times a day for four to five days. After that get the pliable wax removed at an ENT clinic.

However, if the doctor had not used an otoscope to see into the ear, then we cannot be sure about whether it is wax or anything else.

Since you are ruling out nose and throat infection, the ear block can be due to any furuncle or localized infection in the ear canal which is blocking the canal and increases the occlusion when you smile, wink and laugh.

  • In the latter case, when we are not sure whether it is wax or not, do not apply any drops inside. Also, do not let water go inside when you bath or swim. Consult an otolaryngologist who can look into the same using an otoscope and then diagnose the condition.
  • Olive oil will not help in any case. So, refrain from putting olive oil or any other oil, putting any sticks and instruments inside the ear. Also, do not use ear buds as it may injure the eardrum and worsen the condition.

For further information consult an ENT otolaryngologist online --> https://www.icliniq.com/ask-a-doctor-online/ENT-Otolaryngologist

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