Excess Saliva

Excess saliva is known as hypersalivation, which is medically called sialorrhea or ptyalism. It is when a person has increased saliva secretion in their mouth, and it can result in saliva spilling over the lower lip, which is known as drooling. Depending on the underlying cause, hypersalivation can be constant or intermittent, and it can also be temporary or chronic.

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How to reduce excess saliva buildup?

Query: Hi doctor, I have been suffering from excess saliva buildup. As a kid, I would wake up with my pillow covered in drool every morning. When I was on a trip before two years where out of nowhere my saliva started building up so much that I needed to swallow it every 30 seconds. The issue would go awa...  Read Full »

Dr. Naresh Kumar M.

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq.com. I have gone through all the details posted. I can understand your problem and I will explain you the possible treatment options. Firstly, try with oral agents like tablet Glycopyrrolate 1 mg three times a day. This will help to decrease saliva production. Side ...  Read Full »

Why do I get excessive saliva in my mouth?

Query: Hello, I am suffering from excessive saliva in my mouth, so I consulted a medicine doctor last month. He prescribed me to take tablet ORNI 500. Initially, I felt better after taking medicine, but the problem started again. It makes me very uncomfortable. I notice that if I drink any hot tea or cold ...  Read Full »

Dr. Penchilaprasad Kandikattu

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq.com. I read your query and understand your concern. I feel sorry about your health condition. I suggest you the following measures- 1. You must stop taking hot liquids. You can drink warm liquids. 2. You must use salt water gargling thrice a day. You may be suffering f...  Read Full »

Can any medications reduce the excess salivary flow in my mother who is a Parkinson's patient?

Query: Hello doctor, My mother has been a Parkinson's patient for ten years. For the past two years, she has been taking tablet Ropark 1 mg twice daily and tablet Syndopa 250 mg thrice daily. For the past year, she has been producing a lot of saliva and has difficulty swallowing and closing her mouth prop...  Read Full »

Dr. Aida Abaz Quka

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq.com. I suggest your mother take tablet Syndopa (Levodopa and Carbidopa) in a fractionated dose; five times daily (125 mg) half an hour before food and tablet Ropark (Ropinirole) 1 mg twice daily with food. This will help regulate her balance but will not control the sali...  Read Full »

Is my excessive salivation due to non-alcoholic fatty liver?

Query: Hi doctor, I am suffering from excessive saliva in my mouth, and I consulted with a medicine doctor last month and was diagnosed with NAFLD grade 1. He prescribed to take tablet ORNI 500. I also take tablet Montek lc for allergic rhinitis when required. Initially, I felt better after taking medicine...  Read Full »

Dr. Penchilaprasad Kandikattu

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq.com. I can understand your health problem. Possible causes for excessive salivation are acid reflux or mouth ulcers or poor teeth alignment, postnasal drip seen in allergic rhinitis, anxiety or psychotic conditions, or tonsillitis. I suggest using the following. 1) Capsule ...  Read Full »

Is it fine to visit a dentist for bad breath, drooling, etc., during the pandemic?

Query: Hi doctor,I needed to consult if I could get treatment at home or visit the clinic because I am still not vaccinated. Last year while chewing gum, all of a sudden, it stuck in one tooth. It was unbearable pain with bleeding. I thought I would visit the doctor once the COVID is over. But it has been ...  Read Full »

Dr. Soheel Hussain Zargar

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. I suggest you personally not visit any dental clinic right now. It is not something we call an emergency. You can wait till the COVID wave is over. For bad smell and other issues which you have mentioned I recommend you: 1) Mouth wash Chlorohexidine, rinse mouth...  Read Full »

Did I hurt my vagus nerve by massaging my neck gently?

Query: Hi doctor, Is it possible to hurt the vagus nerve by massaging the neck gently? I tried it and I do not want to hurt my vagus nerve. I have increased saliva secretion. Did I hurt my vagus nerve?   Read Full »

Dr. Aida Abaz Quka

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. I understand your concern. There is no way to hurt your vagus nerve by gently pressing it. You can just activate it. But it becomes inactivated once you stop massaging or putting pressure on it. Activation of the vagus nerve causes low heart rate and blood pressure....  Read Full »

Why do I have dry skin around my mouth and how can I treat it?

Query: Hello doctor, Why do I have dry skin around my mouth and how can I treat it?  Read Full »

Dr. Shanza Ikram

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. I have gone through your case. There are number of causes of such dryness. Use of colored toothpaste, excessive salivation, rubbing tongue on lips, poor oral hygiene, use of lip balms and lipsticks. Treatment involves maintaining good oral hygiene. Mix Clotrimazole an...  Read Full »

I have continually leaking saliva with a bubble in lower lip. Why?

Query: Hi doctor, My age is 20 years and weight is around 40 kg. I have a problem in my mouth for the past 3 to 4 years. In my mouth, there is continually leaking saliva. Below my tongue, I see a lot of wanes and some skin parts taken out like a shark fin. Now I can see my roots of teeth. Skin that is ins...  Read Full »

Dr. Tooba Qazi

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. I have seen your pictures (attachment removed to protect patient identity). You have malfunctioning of the salivary gland that is causing blisters at the lower side of your tongue and most probably on the lip as well. Put an oral gel Chlorhexidine gluconate with or with...  Read Full »

Why am I having excessive saliva dripping from my mouth while waking up?

Query: Hi doctor, Every morning when I wake up my mouth is full of saliva and many days it comes out of my mouth while sleeping. And in the day, saliva comes to mouth every 2 to 3 minutes. The problem of morning saliva has been there for more than one year. I have to wake up every morning early because sa...  Read Full »

Dr. Shamaz Mohamed

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. As per your complaint, I can provisionally diagnose you as suffering from hypersalivation or sialorrhea. There are various reasons for the same like food debris in the mouth during sleep, use of some drugs like cholinergic drugs, malaligned teeth, improper lip closure d...  Read Full »

Is it fine to take Glycopyrrolate for excess salivation?

Query: Hello doctor, I am 20 years old, male, 72 kg, 6 feet, suffering from excess salivation from a month. I took Glycopyrrolate 1 mg. Please give your advice on this drug or suggest a better drug.  Read Full »

Dr. Erioli Braholli

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. Excessive salivation may be caused by certain conditions that need to be ruled out to solve it definitely. You may be suffering from acid reflux, sinusitis, or other upper respiratory tract infections which may give you hypersalivation. If you feel anything else except ...  Read Full »

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