Q. My 18 month old eats very less. Should I give him an appetite booster?

Answered by Dr. Simy Mathew and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team.


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Hello doctor,

My 18 month old son is very choosy and eats very less. He eats everything one day and almost nothing another day. I am worried about his health. He frequently gets cold and congestion too. What can I do? Can I give him any appetite booster? What is the best food for him?

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Dr. Simy Mathew


Welcome to icliniq.com.

This is a common concern that every mother has. Kids are fussy eaters and we should inculcate good food habits in them. Try giving different food items to him on different days, keep changing, and experimenting with food - this might help him eat something. Never try feeding the same item to your child.

  1. Try food rewarding system - like play time after meals or some park time after meals.
  2. Try engaging your child in the kitchen along with you. Once they see things getting cooked and made, they will develop an interest to eat.
  3. Do not feed children at a separate time - make him sit along with the other family members at the dining table and have his meal. It will help him eat more.

Kids are bound to get infections - at least one in a month. It can be from other kids in playschool or park. They will develop immunity once they cross 5 years of age and infection will be less thereafter. Hope this has been of help.

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