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What causes small dark marks randomly on one side of the face?

Query: Hi doctor,What can be the reason for small dark marks which randomly appear on one side of my face?  Read Full »

Dr. Sugandh Garg

Diabetologist, General Medicine Physician, Internal Medicine Physician, Toxicologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to As your query, Make sure you are not exposed to the sun. Avoid sun exposure, especially between 11 am to 3 pm. If at all, you must, then wear protective clothing, a full-sleeved shirt, a scarf to cover your face except the eyes, a broad brim hat, sunshades, broad su...  Read Full »

What could be a small freckle with a brown spot on the tummy area?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 42-year-old female in a premenopausal condition with fair skin. I found a small dark freckle on my tummy a couple of months ago, which I cut out myself. Now I am left with a brown scar. Do you think it is sinister?  Read Full »

Dr. Snehal Laul

Dermatologist, Venereologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome back to Do you have a family history of melanoma? Do you have any associated symptoms? Are there any itching, irritation, or pain? Is there bleeding or crust formation? Do you have many moles, dysplastic nevi, or freckles on the body? Are any changes in shape, size, or...  Read Full »

How to treat the bumpy freckle present on my back?

Query: Hi doctor, I went to scratch my back today. I scratched a bumpy freckle. I thought that it was a pimple. Kindly tell me whether I have to be worried about it or not? Thanks in advance.  Read Full »

Dr. Snehal Laul

Dermatologist, Venereologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to You can use Fucidin cream (Fusidic Acid 2%) twice daily for seven days on the scratched lesion. Did you had bleeding?  Read Full »

What could cause a dark spot on the iris of the eye?

Query: Hello doctor, I have realized that a dark spot appeared on the iris of my eye. I wanted to get a first opinion on an HD photo. Would that be possible? My partner informed me that she saw something similar in my eye in the past.  Read Full »

Dr. Zubayeralam

Family Physician, General Medicine Physician, General Practitioner, Pulmonologist, Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Thanks for the query. I can understand your concern. According to your statement, you have a dark spot in the iris of your eye. According to the picture (attachment removed to protect patient identity) that is provided here, you may suffer from dark spots on the iris d...  Read Full »

What can cause freckles to develop overnight?

Query: Hi doctor,I have developed some brown patches and freckle like spots on my left hand overnight. I went to bed last night with a new light brown freckle on the palm of my hand and woke up this morning to it being darker and there being more freckles and patches. There are a couple of patches on my ri...  Read Full »

Dr. Gaurang Gupta

Cosmetologist, Dermatologist, Hair Transplant Surgeon, Venereologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to These are not freckles according to the duration of appearance (attachment removed to protect patient identity). Freckles do not come overnight. There are only two possibilities. One is insect bite reaction and the second one is purpura. It is looking like blood colle...  Read Full »

I want to know about the gray patches on the white of my eye. Please explain.

Query: Hello doctor, I am 19 years old male, and I want to know why there are gray patches on white of my eye though it does not irritate so far. I am curious to read a lot of stuff some article goes as far as cancer-related to this, need professional guidance as I am getting anxious.  Read Full »

Dr. Asif Manzoor

Eye Care Ophthalmologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Gray patch on the sclera might be due to some congenital pigmentation, freckles, or nevus. Mostly they are harmless and nothing to worry about. Rarely they are related to cancer, but at your age, cancer is not common. You need to observe these patches if you feel any...  Read Full »

Can eye freckles disappear on their own?

Query: Hi doctor, Please find the images shared by my optometrist. He said I have no freckles. If a freckle develops sometime in one's life, then what would prevent it from growing indefinitely to melanoma? Will it develop for some time and stop? If you do notice the freckle then please clarify doubts w...  Read Full »

Dr. Zubair A Shaikh

Eye Care Ophthalmologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to From the images (attachment removed to protect patient identity) you have sent I do not see a freckle in either eye. A freckle will show as a pigmented patch in the retina of the eye. If there is a freckle it will not reduce in size on its own. It will increase in size...  Read Full »

I had a round spot on the back of my foot towards my toe. Could this be freckle?

Query: Hello doctor,I found a dark, round spot on the back of my foot towards my toe. Unfortunately, I do not know how long I have had it. I was told by my mom, who is a nurse, that it was probably a freckle. I am not sure because it is pretty big. It is still smaller than an eraser on a pencil though. Whe...  Read Full »

Dr. Payal Chauhan

Dermatologist, Venereologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand your concern, but there are no attached photographs in your message. Kindly send a picture of the affected area to help you better. I need to see the affected area to assess the condition and to suggest the appropriate diagnosis and treatment. Please sen...  Read Full »

I tore a mole and the surface has red spots. Kindly advise.

Query: Hello doctor, I tore off a mole or a freckle some weeks ago and now the surface, it is like this. Is it good or should I worry? What are those red spots?  Read Full »

Dr. Shanza Ikram


Answer: Hi, Welcome to I have gone through your case. Your lesion is active which means the area has not healed after removing your mole (attachment removed to protect patient identity). Keep applying Fucidin acid cream two times a day till red area disappears. It is not something to be worr...  Read Full »

Kindly suggest Vitamin C serums for removing brown spots from face.

Query: Hello doctor, My sister's age is 28, normal, sensitive skin. She is having brown spots on her face. Can you please suggest the best Vitamin C serums for removing brown spots on her face without any side effects? Is there any other options (simple and safe) for removing such brown spots?  Read Full »

Dr. Ashwini V Swamy


Answer: Hi, Welcome to There are many causes for brown spots on face, it could be: 1. Freckles. 2. DPN- Dermatosis papulosa nigra. 3. Melasma. 4. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Treatment is different for each, it is very difficult to suggest any treatment for you without seeing you...  Read Full »

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