Q. What would happen if sweat or water dropped into the blood used for HIV testing?

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Hi doctor,

I took OraQuick Advance Rapid HIV 1/2 antibody test today at a nearby clinic after waiting the window period for exposure of more than 90 days. I was told that the result was negative. My concern may be very paranoid and unnecessary; however, I am more curious than anything. I wanted to know what would happen if for instance a drop of sweat or alcohol or water or any substance landed in the vile that contained the blood sample used for HIV testing? Would that small amount of fluid be enough to affect the test? 

Subsequently, I had also handed the medical representative a cup of urine for gonorrhea and syphilis. My worry is that some of that urine could have found its way to the vile used for the HIV test. I know this is paranoid but nevertheless wanted to get answered. Thank you so much.

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Dr. Sushma Shah
HIV/AIDS Specialist


Welcome to icliniq.com.

You are not paranoid, but genius.

  • Yes, anything in the blood may change the results, and that is why we advise sterile things.
  • But, test results if positive never shows negative. HIV virus persists till it is in any wet medium. If blood dried, then no HIV virus persist.
  • Urine in no way mix with blood in the vial as the testing laboratory is separate.
  • I hope you are clear now. Do not worry. Negative means you are not infected with HIV.

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