Q. What is the dosage of Pentasa for bowel problem?

Answered by Dr. Klerida Shehu and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team.


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Hello doctor,

I have a problem in my bowel since more than one month, so I had a colonoscopy with biopsy. The doctor informed me that I have mild inflammation and colitis. The doctor gave me two medications, Pentasa 500 and Tarivid 200. I used Pentasa 500 for three weeks, and I become recovered almost 70 %. I am hesitated to take the antibiotic. Two days ago, I had some diarrhea and pain in the lower left side of my stomach. I also had nausea after one hour of having meal. Should I take the antibiotic? What is the dosage of Pentasa? Do I have to reduce it to 2 g a day? Any other recommendation? I am attaching my reports. Thank you.

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Dr. Klerida Shehu
Medical Gastroenterology


Welcome to icliniq.com.

I have seen the attached report (attachment removed to protect patient identity).

  • You have diverticulitis and mild colitis. That is why you should use antibiotics like Tarivid (Ofloxacin) 200 mg. Diverticulitis explains your symptoms like diarrhea and stomach pain.
  • With regards to Pentasa (Mesalazine) dosage, you can lower the dosage after your symptoms are improved. In my opinion, you should start using Pentasa 2 g per day for a month, and Ciprinol (Ciprofloxacin) 200 mg per day for seven days.
  • After this course of treatment, if your symptoms get better, then you can start lower dosage of Pentasa, that is, 1.5 g per day.

Hope it was helpful to you.

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