Omeprazole is a proton pump inhibitor, which is a group of drugs used to treat conditions that result from too much acid production in the stomach. Omeprazole is used for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), erosive esophagitis, gastric ulcers, Helicobacter pylori infection, and Zollinger-Ellison syndrome.

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Why do I get frequent abdominal discomforts even after taking medications?

Query: Hello doctor, I have GERD and treating it for over a year, and it is pretty manageable. I did a couple of Prilosec courses as per the doctor's instructions. I did periodic Zantac for a while and made significant diet changes (cutting trigger foods, smaller portions, not eating late). I do not smoke...  Read Full »

Dr. Kapil Gupta

General Medicine Physician, Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hello, Welcome to The symptoms you have described are mild to moderate GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), which can be well managed with medicines and lifestyle management. I would suggest continuing Prilosec as it decreases the stomach's acidic content and prevents damage to yo...  Read Full »

Why do I get throat pain during swallowing?

Query: Hello doctor, I have pain on the left side of my throat when I swallow for the past two days. I am not sick and do not have a sore throat, fever, swollen glands, or any change in my throat. I am a 51-year-old female. Do you know what this could be and what I can do about it?  Read Full »

Dr. Mohammed Osama Aboborda

ENT Otolaryngologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Please capture a photo for your throat and send it to me. Do you have reflux in the form of a burning sensation in your chest or your stomach? Do you have a bitter taste in your throat when waking up in the morning?  Read Full »

Can GERD cause abdominal pain?

Query: Hello, I woke up at 7 this morning with severe abdominal pain that radiated into my back and shoulder. I have history of reflux, I took omeprazole this morning which did not relieve any symptoms. I took acetaminophen to relieve the pain and now the pain is dull but aggravated with movement.  Read Full »

Dr. S D Sinha

Family Physician, Infectious Diseases Specialist

Answer: Thanks for your query. The possible reasons for such a pain could be due to gastrointestonal causes such as gastric/dudenal ulcer or gastritis (often due to H.pylori infection and aggravated by stress, altered diet regime, certain drugs causing increased gastric acid production or damaging stomach,...  Read Full »

Is it normal to get stomach pain, bloating, and loss of appetite with Prilosec?

Query: Hello doctor, Are loss of appetite, stomach pain, and bloating normal when taking Prilosec? I went to an ENT doctor for some chest and throat tightness, and they suspect acid reflux. I did not have these symptoms before taking the medication. I feel like there is a weight on my chest with a sore ...  Read Full »

Dr. Ajeet Kumar Lohana

Medical Gastroenterologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Well, these are all side effects of the Prilosec. It can cause bloating, diarrhea, loss of appetite. However, pain is a rare phenomenon. Symptoms of chest tightness do not seem to be due to acid reflux. Burning, sore taste in the mouth and throat, acid brash are com...  Read Full »

Why does my mom repeatedly have pain under the breastbone?

Query: Hello doctor, My mom is 63 years of age. She is getting pain under her right breastbone followed by acid reflux and burning in her stomach with a sour taste in her mouth. They did an ultrasound, which showed three gallstones. She had her gallbladder removed three months ago. Now, she is getting the ...  Read Full »

Dr. Sadaf Mustafa

General Medicine Physician, Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hello, Welcome to The initial presentation of your mom was consistent with dyspepsia and I am not surprised that her symptoms are back. The issue that needs further investigation is the fact that she is not responding to the conventional therapy with Omeprazole. I have a few questions; ...  Read Full »

How to know whether my chest pain and heartburn are due to gastric or cardiac issue?

Query: Hi doctor, I am 31 years old. I am a diabetic and on medication. I have a gastric problem for three years. Now I have left arm and chest pain. I did everything like TMT, echo, ECG, etc., but all reports are negative. No problem in the heart. Last month also I did an ECG and the report was normal. A...  Read Full »

Dr. Sugreev Singh

Internal Medicine Physician, General Medicine Physician

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Yes, you can take gastric medicine and see if there is some relief because sometimes heartburn and those things can be caused by acidity or gastric reflux disease. If it is due to that, then you can take tablet Omeprazole 40 mg once daily before a meal for three days, ...  Read Full »

Can I take single dose of Omeprazole whenever I get gastritis?

Query: Hello doctor, I have been suffering from gastritis probably related to a stress condition, compounded by poor diet. This diagnosis has made me feel much better, and there are no symptoms today. Is it normal for me to come off the Omeprazole I took, after one single dose, with the possibility of go...  Read Full »

Dr. Chandra Prakash Tanwar

General Medicine Physician, Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hello, Welcome to You mentioned you have stress-related gastritis for which you were taking Omeprazole daily, and now you want to stop. So, gastritis is a broad term, which means inflammation of the mucosa of the stomach. It has many causes like H.pylori infection, stress, and many ot...  Read Full »

What causes the feeling of something stuck in the chest?

Query: Hello, I feel like something is always stuck in my chest, I have had EKG, Chest xray, and EGD procedure that showed I had a small Hernia and my LES was somewhat open and they use forceps to close it with good success according to the notes in my medical records. I was prescribed Omeprazol. which n...  Read Full »

Dr. Sugreev Singh

Internal Medicine Physician, General Medicine Physician

Answer: Hi sir Welcome to icliniq Thank you for writing us. I studied your case you have described everything in details. There can be various factors which need to be closed in your case. If you are having it since long then it has became chronic GERD . In chronic GERD mainly the normal tissue or layer i...  Read Full »

Do fruits cause acidity?

Query: Hi doctor, After consultation and analyzing Lactulose and MiraLax, I came to the conclusion that fruits are a very good natural regulator of digestion. It turned out that fruits were really the solution to my problem. I have now almost 100% perfect control over digestion and live very happily. I hav...  Read Full »

Dr. Anshul Varshney

Criticalcare Physician, Diabetologist, General Medicine Physician, Internal Medicine Physician, Medical Gastroenterologist, Nephrologist, Pulmonologist, Rheumatologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Fruits are not going to harm you. Definitely, excess of everything is bad, but we have to compare harmful effects of fruits and laxatives that you were taking previously. If we compare, then definitely fruits are much safer for your problem. The only thing that I would l...  Read Full »

Is small bump on the throat with mild burning and raw feel a concerning issue?

Query: Hello doctor, I am someone who suffers from health anxiety. I notice a lot of changes with my body. However, I had an appointment to get my throat looked at today but was declined due to COVID-19 concerns. I do not feel this is COVID-19 related, however. I have a spot on my bottom right side of my...  Read Full »

Dr. Mohammed Osama Aboborda

ENT Otolaryngologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to You should not be so worried like that. It is a minor sickness. You just need a symptomatic treatment as an antihistamine and anti-inflammatory drugs.Your throat is deep dusky red in color (attachment removed to protect patient identity). This is not normal. I think ...  Read Full »

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