Q. I had an injury on penis with blood clot and prominent veins on the side. Will it settle over time?

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Dr. Sandip Pramanik
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Hi doctor,

I had an injury to my penis about two and a half weeks ago which caused a blood clot at the base of the penis. The clot has healed within three to four days, however, on one side of my penis there are prominently visible veins. When flaccid that looks irregular and also there seems to be a vein that is harder than the others when I am erect that runs all the way up the side of my penis when erect.

I wondered if I could post a before and after photo, and ask you if I need to seek treatment or if everything looks normal. I wanted to know if there is a chance I have sustained a permanent injury to my pens or if these veins might settle over time. I am not experiencing any pain except for the veins.



Welcome to icliniq.com.

I have gone through your queries. You had an injury over the base of the penis and had a hematoma over there and there are prominent veins at the side of injury. Let me first assure you it was most probably a superficial injury. As you are not having any erectile dysfunction and any deformity after erection the injury has not involved the deep layer of the penis which is also called tunica albuginea. So you need not worry.

The veins even if prominent will cause no harm. It will create a few collaterals and drainage will be as fine as before. But if you are still anxious you can undergo a USG (ultrasound) and doppler study of penis. It will tell you regarding the integrity of tunica albuginea, as well as the competence of blood vessels supplying the penis. It is only to assure you. You can also visit the office of your local urologist as you need clinical examination too. But do not worry. I hope everything will be fine soon.

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Thank you doctor,

I wondered if it is possible that the prominent veins may resolve in time? It has been about two and a half weeks and I wondered if they may gradually become less prominent if I rest.



Welcome back to icliniq.com.

The prominent veins may resolve with time or may not. But my point was the veins will not do any harm. You should undergo USG and Doppler study of penis. It will tell you about the integrity of tunica albuginea of penis as well as the blood supply of penis. The prominent veins may stay but it will develop collaterals and will not do any harm. You must consult with your local urologist as you need clinical examination too. He will palpate the penis, feel the corpora and will plan further management. But I think you do not have deep tissue injury as you do not have erectile dysfunction and deformity of penis.

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Thank you once again for your response. I am very embarrassed about this situation, and I really don't have any discomfort. I was mostly concerned about about the appearance of the collateral veins that you have mentioned that have now appeared.

Is it absolutely essential to go to see a urologist, and if so, can you explain why? As you mentioned, it is most likely a superficial problem given no erectile dysfunction or deformities. I would be happy with the reassurance that it is just a blood clot that has healed up with minimal risk of damage.

I am mostly just concerned about the appearance of this matter, but you seem to have phrased it as though a check with a doctor in person is imperative.

Am i safe to keep an eye on things for a few weeks before taking any action in that regard, provided nothing becomes worse?

I am just very anxious about confronting this situation.

Thank you for your advice.
# Hello Sir. If you don't have any erectile dysfunction and/or penile deformity, you can wait and watch. No need to worry. I suggested one visit to local urologist as you are anxious regarding this condition. You can wait for few more weeks and if you feel any problem or the symptoms which I mentioned before, you can visit a urologist.
Now regarding the veins. These are superficial veins which may have disrupted drainage system due to trauma and hematoma. Collaterals means .... these vein will find out a new way or channel for drainage. This is the beauty of human body ..... The almighty God has created it in such a way that, for minor issues, it creates a way out or solves its problems by itself. Hence the veins you see are not collaterals....these are rather obstructed engorged veins ..... but don't worry....they will find their drainage channel by themselves.
So....if possible....please undergo the USG and Doppler study of penis. If it is within normal limits, then sit and relax. I hope and your history suggests that everything may be within normal limits.
Thank you.

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Thank you for your kind reply. I am very hesitant to go to a doctor in person due to embarrassment of the situation so I definitely will sit and wait on this one.

I completed some reading, and as you said, the damaged blood vessels find collateral ones to handle the pressure while the healing takes place.

I understand depending on the damage that in some time, if it manages to heal, the veins may subside as the load is back to the normal way of distribution.

I was anxious, but I am certainly not so anxious that I will be going in to have an ultrasound right as this point.

Provided I am not experiencing any pain, ED, Peyronnes symptoms etc, I may well just take your advice that my body has adapted and I now have some veins showing that never used to, to redirect traffic so to speak.

To put my mind at rest, is everything I have said fair? I know you would recommend a check up in person, but is there any risk for me if I dont?

Thank you again doctor and have a good day.
# Absolutely. Your understanding regarding this condition is absolutely perfect. You can certainly wait and watch.
But as a doctor I recommended you a visit to urologist, as I did not see you clinically.
But your history and the photographs of your clinical condition suggests that you can wait and watch.
If you face any problem like ED or deformity etc you should go to Urologist.
Thank you and wish you a very early recovery.

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