Q. NT scan shows placenta is fundo posterior lower edge reaching internal os. Is travelling fine?

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Hi doctor,

Our 12 weeks NT scan indicates developing placenta is fundo posterior lower edge reaching internal OS. The doctor advised 30 days complete bed rest. I need your opinion on the same case and also doing an ultrasound scan after two weeks. This scan was done 10 days back and since then I am on bed rest. I have a family vacation (one hour flight) planned to travel in 15 days. Is this something possible and non-risky to do?

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Dr. Sameer Kumar
Infertility, Obstetrics And Gynaecology


Welcome to icliniq.com.

At 12 weeks gestation with placenta fundo-posterior with lower edge reaching internal is a fairly acceptable finding for early pregnancy. It does not really call for bed rest if there has been no episode of any bleeding per vaginum. The safest distance of placenta is more than 2.5 cm from internal os but that is in the third late trimester when the lower segment is formed. The placenta tends to climb up by 32 to 34 weeks and the present low lying status shall change.

However, care should be taken to avoid intercourse completely throughout pregnancy and not to lift the weight of any kind which can cause an increase in the intra-abdominal pressure which can cause bleeding. She can walk and do her daily chores with care. Travelling is advised even in normal pregnancy after 18 to 20 weeks when the placenta matures and the fetus has become resilient to any pressure changes with an increase in amniotic fluid. Unless it is absolutely necessary, she should not be traveling as a precautionary measure.

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Dr. Sameer Kumar
Family Physician, Obstetrician And Gynaecologist, Infertility Specialist

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