Q. After NT scan, now the doctor has advised double marker test. Is there a high risk?

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Hello doctor,

My wife is 28 years old and is in her 13th week of pregnancy. We had an NT test a couple of days back. The NT was 1.7mm. Trisomy 21 had an adjusted scale of 1:3428. Our doctor has advised us to go for a double marker test. The results will be out in two to three days. Is a risk of 1 in 3428 considered medium to high, to go for a blood test? Is there any relation between double marker test and NT? Is it possible that double marker test results may increase the risk from 1 in 3400s to less than 1 in 300? How are the results of NT and double marker combined? I know it is premature for these thoughts, but the anxiety in waiting for the double marker is killing my wife (and me). I thought of having a first cut understanding of how it works.

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After NT scan, now the doctor has advised double marker test. Is there a high risk?
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Dr. Shalaka Joshi
Obstetrics And Gynaecology


Welcome to icliniq.com.

  • The NT (nuchal translucency) test and double marker are dependent on each other.
  • A risk of 1 in 3428 is not considered high. You have been asked to go for a blood test so as to conclude the results, as only NT test is not sufficient. For the double marker, NT measurement is a must.
  • With double marker tests, the specific hormones in a pregnant woman's blood are calculated and computed in a graph pattern after taking into consideration the NT measurement, the age of the patient, duration of pregnancy. It is a complex process for you to understand. 

I hope that the above answer satisfies you and your wife. Have patience and faith in the God, so that, positive thoughts supervene. Good luck.

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