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Can Silodosin improve urine flow in kidney infection?

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Dr. K. Shobana

Published At February 22, 2018
Reviewed AtJanuary 30, 2024

Patient's Query

Hello doctor,

I am a 52-year-old male, married and with a son. My basic complaint is recurrent UTI, poor urine flow and chronic testicular pain. I was down with kidney infection since past five months and had to be treated with Magnex Forte for five days. A CT scan showed mild perinephric stranding. I was put on low dose Niftran for three months. A follow-up CT scan with contrast revealed normal kidneys and function. Since my urine flow has always been poor, I did an ascending urethrogram a month back. The report indicated no obvious abnormality. There was bleeding and excruciating pain for two days post procedure. Four days later, I again developed severe UTI for which I had to take injections of Amikacin 750 mg for five days. I have once again been put on Niftran 100 mg twice daily.

The urologist has suggested a bladder neck incision as he feels that my bladder neck is not opening fully and that there is a slight narrowing of the prostatic urethra. My prostate is slightly enlarged at 26 gm. The urologist is planning to widen neck and if required, scoop out prostate tissue that is blocking the passage. I have been on treatment for chronic testicular pain for last eight to nine years. I also have grade 2 varicocele, mild burning pain on tip of the penis. Earlier, I used to get burning pain in penis after ejaculation. One doctor suspects that I have chronic non-bacterial prostatitis. I am currently seeking advice that will help prevent upper UTI, increase urine flow and relax the bladder muscles. My average urine flow is only about 0.16 to 0.2 fluid ounce/sec.

My medicines include Saw palmetto and Quercetin, Mildfil 5 mg, Silodosin 8 mg, Tapentadol 75 mg twice daily, Valium 5 mg and Duzela 20 mg. The last three are prescribed by a pain specialist. My urologist is planning to do a BNI including parts of the prostate (laser), varicocelectomy and a cystoscopy. There is a certain improvement in urine flow after I started taking Silodosin. It seems to be more effective than Tamsulosin and Alfuzosin (10 mg). The only drawback is complete retrograde ejaculation. Can I shift to Silodosin 4mg? Is it fine to do varicocelectomy and BNI at the same time? More importantly, will BNI offer excellent outcome as the X-ray does not indicate an obvious abnormality?


Welcome to icliniq.com.

As per my understanding, you are suffering from two things. Recurrent UTI (probably due to bladder neck obstruction), and chronic testicular pain. I want to see your urine flow report (printed graph). Do you have an ultrasound done? (I specifically want pre and post void urine residue if available). Now I think, regarding recurrent UTI, you may have two problems. Either problem in bladder itself or problem in bladder outflow (neck). These two can be differentiated by uroflowmetry and ultrasound. If required, a urodynamic test is the best. If the problem is bladder itself (weak bladder power), then you may improve with BNI (bladder neck incision) but not 100 percent. If the problem is not in the bladder, then you can go ahead with BNI and your UTI should improve. So, if you do not want urodynamic test then you can go ahead with BNI and in rare case, if you have bladder problem (weak bladder), then you may not improve as expected. Regarding varicocelectomy, both surgeries can be done together but again testicular pain has thousands of cause impossible to diagnose everything. If it is due to varicocele, then the pain will go. But, as per my experience, resolution of pain after varicocelectomy is only in 60 to 65 percent of patients. Retrograde ejaculation can occur with 4 mg also. So, you can try with 4 mg provided your urinary symptoms do not get worse.

Patient's Query

Thank you doctor,

Latest results have been attached (attachments removed to protect patient identity). I do not have diabetes. I used to get lower back pain due to mild osteoarthritis. But, I have not had any issues in the last three to four years. No spine problem. MRI of spine was normal, as per orthopedic surgeon. I did a follow-up ultrasound recently: The prostate volume had come down to 0.7 ounce from 0.9 ounce and PVR was 1 fluid ounce. But, I voided over 27 fluid ounces of urine and there was a 10 minutes delay to take the post-void scan and the uroflow was significantly better with max flow of 0.5 fluid ounce/s, the best in the last eight years.

I am now on the following medicines: Silodosin 8 mg (I have retrograde ejaculation as side-effect), Mildfil 5 mg, Tydol 75 mg twice daily (prescribed by pain specialist), Duzela 20 mg once daily (prescribed by pain specialist), Valium 5 mg (prescribed by pain specialist), Cranberry extract, Saw palmetto and Quercetin with Bromelain. I am currently also on Niftran. My urologist has strongly advised me to go for BNI. He said he may also scoop out prostate tissues if required to make the bladder neck and prostatic urethra free. In the same operation, he said he will perform varicocelectomy and cord denervation. But, he said the surgery can possibly result in dry ejaculation. Please let me know if I can postpone the surgery for a year or two as there has been a good improvement in urine flow after taking Silodosin. Can I continue Niftran once daily for three to four months? I will wait for your advice. Please suggest any other non-surgical options available.


Welcome back to icliniq.com.

I have seen the reports sent by you (attachment removed to protect patient identity). Your present flow is good. Also, your USG report is good. There is no post void residue. So, there is no need for surgery at present. Repeat uroflowmetry and USG thrice monthly. You can continue with Niftran for a longer duration, up to one year also. Varicocele ligation with testicular denervation can be done (but before that get one test which includes injection of local anesthesia into the spermatic cord to see if the pain goes or not. If the pain goes, you may improve with denervation) and continue with present medication.

Patient's Query

Hi doctor,

I am now on Niftran, Silodosil 8 mg, and Mildfil 5 mg along with phytonutrients like Saw palmetto, Quercetin, Cranberry, and D-Mannose capsules, Prostaquil for the last six months. I take Niftran 100 mg once daily. I just did a routine renal function test this week. There is a minimal drop in the bicarbonate level. The report is attached for your reference. I just wanted to know if the drop is because of taking Niftran. Should I discontinue Niftran with immediate effect? Should I take bicarbonate supplements or can I ignore the minor drop? Your advice would be appreciated. I have not had any urinary infections during this period. Is it fine to shift to Bactrim DS if it is safer?


Welcome back to icliniq.com.

Yes, I remember you and I went through with your previous consultation with me. Bi-carb is 21 nothing to worry about at all. Niftran does not cause any kidney damage. So it is almost normal nothing to worry about. Also, your other parameters are fine. You are pending for USG (ultrasound) pre and postvoid and uroflowmetry. So kindly consider doing that. Rest you are doing excellent.

Thank you.

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Dr. Khant Shahil Ramesh Bhai
Dr. Khant Shahil Ramesh Bhai


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