Q. What type of diet has to be followed in type 2 diabetes?

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Hello doctor,

I have type 2 diabetes. I am 29 years old. My height is 5'7" and weight is 58 kg. 34 days back I gave blood tests. My fasting blood sugar was 313, postprandial 599, HbA1c-14.9, T3 109.6, T4-12.30, vitamin D-6.2 and TSH-2.29. After five days, I consulted a doctor and he gave me medicines and asked me to get back for a checkup after having them. The medicines he suggested were Cobadex-CZS, Isryl M1, Glyciphage SR 500 mg and Teneligliptin tablets 20 mg. Then again three days later my fasting blood sugar  89, postprandial 195, lipid profile - total cholesterol 186, triglycerides 252, HDL cholesterol 46, LDL cholesterol 90, cholesterol/HDL ratio 4, VLDL cholesterol 50 and total lipids 624. Then I took these medicines and took a test again after 17 days. The result was blood sugar fasting 100.30 and postprandial 136.20. Now, I stopped medicines. Please advise me what should I do? How do I increase my weight without affecting my diabetes? What type of diet should I take? Please guide.

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Dr. Divakara P
M.B.B.S., M.D
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  • First of all, I am surprised why have you stopped taking medicines? Medication does not cure diabetes; they control it and hence do keep continuing medications.

Coming to your diabetic diet:

  1. You need to eat food in small quantities, but frequently.
  2. Avoid sweets and carbonated drinks.
  3. Eat more of vegetables, except potato.
  4. Avoid all fruit juices and avoid fruits like grapes, watermelon and sapodilla.
  5. Avoid junk food like chips, pizza and burgers.
  • You can use diabetic protein powder like Resource D two teaspoons, mix it in a glass of milk and take it twice a day.
  • Do daily exercises like jogging, running, treadmill and cycling for 20 to 30 minutes a day.

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