Q. Had unprotected sex on the seventh day of period. What are the chances of pregnancy?

Answered by Dr. Uzma Arqam and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team.


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Hello doctor,

My wife had unprotected sex with me last night and it was her seventh day of the period. So should I give her Unwanted 72 or is there any chance of getting pregnant and can you tell me the side effects which she will face after taking Unwanted 72?

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Dr. Uzma Arqam
Obstetrics And Gynaecology


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It is better if you send me her detailed gynecological, obstetric, medical, surgical, drugs history. If she has short irregular cycles of 28 days or less, then it is better to have Ipill as in regular cycles of 28 days there is a fertile period from day 8 to day 13. So, better to have I-pill within 48 to 72 hours post-sex without vomitings. She can have withdrawal bleed within 1 to 2 weeks post-pill and then next cycle could be irregular or unpredictable but as soon as the body gets rid of hormonal effects of externally induced contraceptive, cycles could come back to the previous pace. I hope you get my point. For regular contraception, you can have combined oral contraceptive pills for three months or implant or injectable or Mirena intrauterine device, etc. But, mind it that all contraceptives are mostly hormonal and their long-term use can give short and long-term side effects that could differ a bit from person to person according to the body response of the individual.

Investigations to be done:

Beta hCG if not taken Ipill and missed periods.

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