Q. I am suffering from wisdom tooth pain. Is it mandatory to visit a dentist?

Answered by
Dr. Parth Laxminarayan Iyer
and medically reviewed by Dr. Nithila A

Hello doctor,

I think one of my wisdom teeth is growing in, and lately, it has been causing a lot of pain. I also notice that part of my gums have been growing over the tooth, and the tooth now is almost completely covered. What can I do for the pain, and should I visit a dentist?

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I understand your concern. The situation you are in is very likely to be pericoronitis, a soft tissue inflammation of the tissues surrounding an erupting wisdom tooth. You should see the dentist at the earliest as the situation may or may not resolve on its own due to numerous variety of size, shape, and eruption pathway of the wisdom tooth. It may also involve occasional cheek bites and ulcerations. You may use topical anesthetic gel and painkillers until you see the doctor.

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