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After how many days of withdrawal bleeding does periods occur?

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Answered by

Dr. Sameer Kumar

Medically reviewed by

Dr. Divya Banu M

Published At October 12, 2019
Reviewed AtJune 27, 2023

Patient's Query

Hello doctor,

My friend and I were involved in physical intimacy a few days back and there was no ejaculation and penetration was only for 2 minutes. After that considering precum she took Unwanted 72 within 3 hours. She had to bleed after six days. She has a regular cycle of 28 to 30 days and her last period was 30 days back. She did not have a period till now.

We performed a urine pregnancy test at home. All are negative. Is it confirmed that she is not pregnant? If yes, how long ideally she should wait for a period after bleeding? Is there any medicine required?

Answered by Dr. Sameer Kumar


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As she had a withdrawal bleed post Unwanted 72 intake and also the urine pregnancy test has been negative till date, so pregnancy is ruled out. However, the conclusive test for ruling out pregnancy remains serum beta hCG test which is a blood test. if hCG levels are less than 5 mlU, then she is surely not pregnant.

Also, now she should be expecting her menses only after 10 more days as she had her bleed marking the start of her fresh cycle. Just get the serum beta hCG test done to get conclusive results. She can wait for her menses.

Patient's Query

Sir, w.r.t my case previously you said that after negative upt till Oct 05. Pregnancy is ruled out. However performed a serum b hcg test for conclusively rule out the same. You also said that she can except her period between Oct 11 to Oct 15 post her withdrawal bleeding of sep 08 to sep 11. Sir, we performed urine pregnancy test on Oct 11and Oct 12 morning and result was negative. She got her period on Oct 13 to Oct 16. Sir can we performed serum b hcg now. Whether it required to performed post she got her menses. Is this period and negative upt of Oct 11 and 12 conclusively rule out pregnancy. 2. Her next period will be from this period or it can reschedule to 21 of next month as per her previous date of menses ( before use of unwanted 72)
Answered by Dr. Sameer Kumar
Hello, 1. Now that she had her menses from oct 13 till today and upt is negative pregnancy os ruled out completely and no apparent need for serum beta hcg test if she was not sexually active in this cycle. 2. the next menses would be as per her new date of oct 13th and not 21st hence. Regards

Patient's Query

Sir, W.r.t. my case, my friend get period on Oct 12 to Oct 16, after withdrawal bleeding of Sep 8 to Sep11. But now today Oct 30 she again started bleeding. Sir why is this. Is it normal. Will she again get bleeding in Nov. Month. Is it required any test. Is it pregnancy. Sir we are very worried please explain in detail. I am waiting
Answered by Dr. Sameer Kumar
Hello, This bleed could be mid cycle ovulation bleed which is usually darkish brown in colour and scanty, usually lasts for 1- 2days only. Just wait and watch for the bleed, it would not be much. This is common after unwanted 72 intake where hormonal rebalancing takes 2-3 cycles in all. pregnancy is unlikely considering she had menses on october 12-16th. It would be best if she would practice barrier contraception during next 2 cycles.

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Dr. Sameer Kumar
Dr. Sameer Kumar

Obstetrics and Gynecology

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