Healthy Lifestyle to Prevent Cancer
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Healthy Lifestyle to Prevent Cancer

Published on Feb 07, 2018 and last reviewed on Aug 01, 2023   -  1 min read


In this article, I would like to share some of my views on cancer prevention. It is found that many people are ignorant about cancer. So, we discuss some possible causes and how we can decrease our risk.

Healthy Lifestyle to Prevent Cancer

It is seen that many patients who come to us are often ignorant about cancer and are of the opinion that only tobacco and alcohol can cause cancer. But, they are ignorant of the fact that an unhealthy lifestyle can also lead to cancer and it has been scientifically proved.

So, What Are These Unhealthy Lifestyles?

Nowadays, we have many outlets of fast-food and soft drinks at every corner. We take our children to these so-called food joints where they end up having burgers, fries, cold drinks, etc. But what we do not realize is that we are slowly pushing them closer to the 'well of death' which is how I call cancer. In fact, the risk is not only cancer but other diseases as well. But, I am more concerned about cancer, being a specialist in this subject and having seen first-hand the agony of many cancer patients before, during, and after treatment.

Another observation is that the decrease in playground culture has forced our children to stay indoors and play video games thus making them fat and lethargic. We should understand that we are not only making our children cancer-prone but also, will soon destroy the future generations by implanting the carcinogenic genes in our children.

Also, people working in offices, who sit in front of the computer day and night and eat fast-foods are inviting this deadly disease in the years to come.

So, Can We Do Anything About This?

Yes, we can reduce our cancer risk by up to 40 to 50 % by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Just do the following:

  1. Exercise every day.
  2. Take a healthy diet with a mixture of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fibers, green leafy vegetables, and fruits.
  3. Quit tobacco and alcohol.
  4. Go for trekking or hiking at least few times a month.
  5. Play outdoor games with your children.
  6. Avoid junk foods and soft drinks.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How to Prevent Cancer by Having a Healthy Diet?

Eating healthy can help lower the risk of cancer. Following are the food items an individual should include in their diet -
- Eating a rich fruit diet helps to prevent stomach and lung cancer.
- Adding vegetables like carrots, sprouts, and squash help to prevent lung, pharynx, and larynx cancers.
- Eating organs, berries, peas, bell peppers, dark leafy greens, and food rich in vitamin C prevent stomach and esophageal cancer.
Having a proper diet is very important not only for preventing cancer but also helps regulate the functioning of the body.


How to Prevent Cancer? Mention Any Three Ways.

Cancer is a life-threatening condition, and there are different ways to prevent it.
- Quit tobacco smoking or chewing.
- Avoid the consumption of alcohol.
- Maintain a healthy diet.


What Causes Cancer in Healthy People?

All cancers can not be prevented; the chances of a healthy individual getting infected is less.
The causative factors affecting healthy individuals are -
- Environmental factors.
- Family History.
- Hormonal changes.


What Are the Reasons for Increasing the Risk of Developing Cancer?

Cancer is a serious condition that can not be prevented. The following are the reason that may increase the risk of developing cancer -
- Genetics.
- Exposure to harmful X-rays.
- Exposure to carcinogens.
- Personal Habits like tobacco smoking and consumption of alcohol.


Why Is the Rate of Cancer-Affected Patients So High Nowadays?

The lifestyle of a modern or new-age man lets them live longer, and moderation leads to causing them health problems like obesity, high blood pressure, weight gain, and other health-related problems. These things can trigger the causative agents responsible for developing cancer.


Who Stress Causes Cancer?

Psychological stress can lead to many mental health problems, but the chances of stress causing cancer are very less. People under stress tend to develop certain habits like smoking or drinking, which can eventually cause cancer. But there is no direct link between stress and cancer.


Is Lack of Sleep and Cancer-Related?

There is no study about lack of sleep causing cancer. In addition to cancer, patients with poor sleeping habits can have an adverse effect on their health. Therefore sleep, and cancer is not related.


How Does Alcohol Cause Cancer?

All types of drinks containing alcohol cause cancer.
Following are the things that happen to the body due to the consumption of alcohol -
- Damages the cells and organs of the body.
- Regulates hormonal changes.
- The body absorbs the chemical found in the alcohol.


How to Opt for a Healthy Lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle helps prevent some serious health issues.
The following are things an individual should opt to live a healthy life -
- Drink plenty of work.
- Exercise regularly.
- Sleep for seven to eight hours.
- Eat fresh fruits and green vegetables.
- Stress Management.


Is It Possible That Cancer Remains Asymptomatic?

Yes, sometimes cancer patients remain asymptomatic, and the diagnosis may surprise an individual. 
There are some signs that should not be ignore
- Bleeding from some internal organs.
- Shortness of breath.
- Lumps.
- Swelling.
- Changes in the body temperature.

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