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Tips To Prevent Iron Deficiency Anemia In Children

Written by
Dr. Krystel Quadros
and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team.

Published on Dec 26, 2018   -  1 min read



Have you as a parent observed symptoms like lethargy in your kids? Or even difficulty in breathing? If so, do get a complete blood test done to check your child’s hemoglobin levels. If the hemoglobin count is too low, your child may be suffering from iron deficiency anemia. It may be due to various reasons. Having a lot of worms may also reflect symptoms like iron deficiency anemia in children. Also, a diet lacking in iron may force your child to develop anemia. Certain malabsorption disorders and gut disorders may also lead to iron deficiency anemia. Piles in children can lead to anemia. Children who are deficient in iron may have certain cravings for non-nutritive foods like chalk. These are symptoms to figure out if your child is deficient in iron.

Tips To Prevent Iron Deficiency Anemia In Children

Iron deficiency anemia can certainly be prevented by following the tips mentioned below.

Make Your Kid Consume Iron Rich Sources

Iron deficiency anemia can be prevented by consuming iron-rich foods like a diet consisting of enough greens, chicken, liver, garden cress seeds and flaxseeds. If your child does not like consuming green leafy vegetables, you can incorporate it in their diet in the form of a cutlet with different shapes like heart shape, square shape or star-shaped cutlets. All these things do fascinate children a lot, and they might end up consuming it. Garden cress laddus can be given to children to prevent anemia in them. A mixed bar loaded with iron can be given to children made up of flaxseeds, garden cress seeds, dates, and oats. Dates are also a lovely source of iron. Dates and nuts smoothie can be given to children to prevent iron deficiency anemia.

Deworm Your Child Once in Six Months

Make sure that you deworm your child once every six months so that your child does not suffer from iron deficiency anemia due to worms in their gut. Albendazole and Mebendazole can be given to these children. Make sure you do not over-do it as it may lead to various health effects on your kid too.

Make Your Child Include Sources of Vitamin C

You may be wondering as to what vitamin C deficiency has to do with regards to anemia. Well, if your diet lacks vitamin C, iron would not be absorbed in the body leading to iron deficiency anemia. Hence, do include good sources of vitamin C in their diet like amla, lemon and citrus fruits like oranges and melons. Pomegranate and strawberry not only contain vitamin C but also contain iron. Hence they can be given to children to prevent iron deficiency anemia. They not only promote iron absorption but also show wonderful benefits to the skin preventing acne formation in teenagers, and also they destroy free radical activity which may lead to various cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, ischemic heart disease, and heart attack. Hence do not forget to incorporate them in the diet of your child.

I hope you found these tips mentioned above really beneficial to prevent iron deficiency anemia in children.


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26 Dec 2018  -  1 min read


Dr. Krystel Quadros

Dr. Krystel Quadros

MSc Clinical Nutrition And Dietetics

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