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Say Goodbye to Excessive Sitting!!

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Dr. Muhammad M. Hanif Md.
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Published on Oct 29, 2015 and last reviewed on Sep 07, 2018   -  4 min read


Excessive and prolonged sitting is associated with a lot of serious diseases. That is why modern world has made it a compulsion for everyone to stand and walk for most of the time while on the job. This research article focuses on the medical facts that people should know to live a healthy life for longer.

Say Goodbye to Excessive Sitting!!

Impacts of Excessive Sitting and Tips to Overcome It:

It has been an issue of long debate and a hot topic for the leading researchers for years. American Heart Association has clearly given its general body decision on the issue that longer sitting is same as chain smoking for the bad impacts of it on human lungs, heart and blood circulation. Now medical scientists have proven that not only heart diseases but also cancers are more prevalent in people who spend most of their daytime sitting in a chair.

1. The office bearers in modern world have adopted 'no chair' lifestyle when at work place. The developed countries have moved from chair to 'on feet' style of working. You will see very few people in the modern world sitting in a chair while on work. Physicians, surgeons, chiropractors, physical therapists, scientists, pharmacists, store managers and the business tycoons of the modern era are all on their feet when in office and in their job.

Because all executive and business class personnel have very little time for physical activity and unable to do so when off work. So, modern medical world adopted for humanity a routine that uses the advantage of office without chairs and standing on the counters and registers for longer times while on duty.

2. One more fact I want to add here is that some people adopt a routine of regular physical activity when they get free from office after whole day spent in a chair at work. But internal medicine researchers have proved recently that people who spend more time sitting have greater risk for all cause mortality from cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus type 2, even though they also do regular physical activity. Yes, it is a proven fact now. So, not only a morning walk or an evening gym is necessary for a healthy heart and a disease free body, you also need to remain standing and moving on your feet during the whole day until unless prohibited by the nature of your job.

Let me explain to the public this fact with the help of a very common example from everyday life. A research has in reality proved that there is increased mortality rate due to myocardial infarction (heart attack) amongst the bus drivers as compared to the bus conductors. Because the bus drivers spend most of their time sitting behind the wheels and the conductors spend their time moving around.

3. Scientists used to curse obesity as the mother of all diseases. But recently published research has proved that inactive lifestyle and excessive sitting causes deaths twice more than obesity does. So, maintaining a good BMI (Body Mass Index) and weight within the normal range is not all that is needed for a healthy life and a disease free body. We have to keep away from sedentary and less active lifestyle habits.

4. If we see the definition of work in physics, it says that a person has done zero work even if he has picked up a weight of 30 kg but remained still at his place where he is. Physics believes that you also have to yield for some distance with carrying some weight for work to be done. So, people sitting in a chair, solving one thousand tasks in a day, have done zero work according to the scientific rules. Medical science also confirms these facts today.

5. To move, walk, run or jog at a healthy pace is also important fact to be kept in mind while going out for exercise. Everyone should do regular brisk physical activity only 15-20 minutes a day to suffice this need. It is more effective than the strenuous activity done for 3 continuous hours per week.

A research of American Cancer Society confirms that women who sit for longer time, have many folds greater risk of certain cancers as compared to active and less sitting women. Cancers include ovarian and breast carcinomas and the multiple myelomas.

A few modifications are needed for this change to get effective and save you from diseases.

People who have a less sedentary lifestyle have a good control on their normal body functioning. Their blood pressure remains in limits even in the presence of other inevitable risk factors, cholesterol and glucose levels remain more in normal range, cancer risks and toxic metabolite accumulation in body is far lessened, the risk for coronary artery disease is reduced significantly, endocrine and immune systems of the body remain optimal at work. Females and males remain sexually healthy too if they remain physically active.

Periodic medical check up on a regular basis is needed to keep an eye on diseases before they put in trouble. Talk to your internal medicine physician online for a longer healthy life -->


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