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Causes of Renal Disorders and Steps to Avoid it

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The number of people suffering from kidney problems is increasing every day. However, we can follow a few simple steps to keep ourselves safe and protected from them.

Causes of Renal Disorders and Steps to Avoid it

The incidence of renal disorders has been increasing rapidly over the past few decades, leading to an enormous burden on the limited health care resources available in most countries.

Various causes have led to this manifold rise in the number of people suffering from kidney diseases of which the major ones include:

Diabetes, i.e., uncontrolled increase in blood sugar levels and hypertension, i.e., uncontrolled increase in the blood pressure are one of the most important causes of renal disorders, especially chronic kidney disease. Recent research has undoubtedly proven the relation of obesity not only with increased risk of developing diabetes and hypertension but also an increased risk of developing renal dysfunction.

Better availability of healthcare resources both to patients and doctors has also led to better surveillance and increased detection of renal disorders, which is a good sign pointing towards an efficient healthcare system.

Steps to Decrease the Rapidly Growing Incidence of Renal Disorders:

Lifestyle Modifications in Preventing Renal Disorders:

All these measures combined will take us a long way ahead in our endeavor to decrease the incidence of renal diseases and build a healthy kidney world.


Frequently Asked Questions


What Are the Causes of Renal Diseases?

The causes for renal diseases are:
- Blockage in the urinary tract.
- Chronic glomerulonephritis.
- High blood sugar.
- High blood pressure.
- Polycystic kidney disease.
- Kidney infection


What Happens in Kidney Failure?

In chronic conditions of the kidney, there is severe damage to the kidneys that will result in improper filtration in the blood. In addition to this, there is a build-up waste in the body that might result in the failure of the functioning of the kidneys.


What Are the Sign of Kidney Problems?

The signs of kidney problems are:
- Decreased urinary output.
- Shortness of breath.
- Swelling in the limbs.


Does Itching Happen in Kidney Problems?

Itching is a common issue faced by patients with kidney problems. Itching can happen on both sides of the body. About one-third of the patients who are on dialysis face the problem of itching. The common site where itching happens is on the arms and the back.


Where Does Back Pain Due to Kidney Problems Occur?

In general conditions, back pain occurs in the lower part of the body. But in back pain due to kidney problems, the pain is seen on the upper part of the body. This pain is felt on both sides.


Can Kidney Problems Affect Pregnancy?

Yes, kidney problems can affect pregnancy. The improper functioning of the kidneys will result in an improper purification process of the blood. This will, in turn, affect the growth of the fetus. In some cases, the growth of the baby is usually affected, and it might also result in stillborn births.


Can Patients With Kidney Disease Have a Baby?

Patients who are suffering from kidney problems are advised not to become pregnant because they might face a lot of complications in their pregnancy. In addition to this, the possibilities for them to develop a healthy baby are also less. So, they must get recovered from their condition first and choose to go for pregnancy.


What Are the Symptoms of Urinary System Diseases?

The symptoms of urinary system diseases are:
- Abdominal pain.
- Hematuria.
- Foul-smelling urine.
- Fever and chills.
- Back pain.
- Abdominal cramping.
- Frequent urination.
- General sickness.
- Cloudy urine.


What Are the Tests for Identifying the Kidney Function?

The tests for identifying the functioning of the kidney include the following:
Albumin to creatinine ratio: The albumin to creatinine ratio should be less than 30 under normal circumstances.
Glomerular filtration rate: The glomerular filtration rate will help in identifying the functioning of the kidneys. The normal value of the glomerular filtration rate should be more than 60mg/dl.


Does Kidney Have the Capacity to Heal Themselves?

Recent medical researches explain that kidneys have an excellent ability to repair and regenerate their cells. This regenerative ability of the kidneys helps them in overcoming any type of damage in the tissues of the kidneys. The cells of the kidneys are known as nephrons. These nephrons have the ability to function well after they undergo the reproductive process.


Is Renal Disease a Curable Condition?

If renal diseases are treated well, then they can be completely cured. The first goal of the treatment is to control the progression of the condition. With regular dialysis and proper care, the renal disease can be cured completely.


What Foods Can Help in Repairing Kidneys?

The foods that are suitable for improving the condition of the kidneys are:
- Cauliflower.
- Blueberries.
- Onions.
- Apples.
- Cranberries.
- Garlic.
- Cabbage.
- Red bell peppers.

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