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How to Prevent Infertility in Males?

by Dr. Poosha Darbha at 31.Jul.2018 on Men's Health


Subfertility in males is on the rise. A number of environmental factors, lifestyle choices and habits are adding to the biological factors. By avoiding certain habits, situations, and lifestyle, a percentage of infertility/subfertility can be obviated.

Image: How to Prevent Infertility in Males?

About 15 % of all couples trying to get pregnant realize they have difficulty in conceiving, despite trying for several months or even years. Problems with the male account for 50 % of all infertile cases. So, what can men do to increase the chances of pregnancy?

  • The most important male factor that contributes to infertility is a problem with the quality of the semen. That is, some men have a low sperm count, some have sperms which do not swim actively, and in a forward motion (sperm motility), while in some, the sperms may be in bad shape (sperm morphology).
  • There may be problems with the seminal fluid too (it may be too viscous, too acidic, may have an absence or reduced quantities of certain enzymes). The seminal fluid may contain antibodies against its own spermatozoa, may contain infective organisms, etc.
  • Another important male factor concerns sperm delivery. This means the inability to have successful vaginal intercourse, faulty coital technique, unfavorable coital position, incorrect timing, too low or too high frequency of intercourse, use of certain lubricants, etc.

If you are trying for pregnancy, keep these points in mind, to increase your chances of conception:

If you lead a healthy lifestyle, you are more likely to produce healthy sperms. Avoid lifestyle choices that can compromise your fertility.

  • Avoid smoking - it has serious effects on both sperm count and motility.
  • Avoid alcohol - habitual alcohol intake can damage semen quality.
  • Stop using recreational drugs - marijuana and other recreational drugs could damage your fertility potential.
  • Stay away from steroids - anabolic steroids cause testicular shrinkage and infertility.
  • Think twice about vigorous exercise - It is associated with an increase in a hormone called prolactin, which can diminish sperm production.
  • Avoid anything that increases scrotal temperature such as tight underwear, hot sauna baths, etc.
  • Minimize your exposure to environmental toxins such as pesticides, lead, paint, radiation, radioactive substances, mercury, boron, benzene, etc.
  • Get tested for symptoms of malnutrition, anemia, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and take treatment to rectify them.
  • Avoid high levels of physical and mental stress - practice relaxation and breathing exercises to stay cool.

Making changes to your lifestyle incorporating nutritious diet, and stress-free functioning could greatly improve your chances of better quality semen. You would also respond better to the treatment if taking any. These measures, however, do not substitute medical treatment, but would greatly supplement it.

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