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About "Andrology"

An Andrologist is a doctor specialized to treat conditions specifically related to the male reproductive system. It is a sub-specialty of urology. They can do both surgical and non-surgical treatment. Some of the conditions for which you will be referred to them are any infection or tumor of testes and penis, fertility problems, early ejaculation, erection difficulties or prostate enlargement.

On visiting them, they will get all your history in a questionnaire format followed by a certain analysis to come to a diagnosis and decide the treatment plan. The tests done are semen analysis, DNA analysis, etc. The treatment provided by them may include sperm injection for in-vitro fertilization in case of infertility, emotional or medical management for erection problems based on its cause, surgical treatment like the removal of prostate tissue (prostatectomy), etc.

Since many men find it difficult to meet a doctor in person, the availability of options to consult an andrologist online has made it more comforting and feasible to get guided about the problems related to the male reproductive system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Who is an andrologist?

Physicians who specialize in andrology, which is the study of problems affecting the male reproductive system like infertility and sexual dysfunction, are called andrologists.

Q.What is the role of an andrologist?

Andrologists mainly deal with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of:
- Male infertility.
- Male contraception (vasectomy).
- Male sexual dysfunctions.
- Infections affecting the genital tract.

Q.What are the tests an andrologist might tell you to get?

Depending on your symptoms or condition, the andrologist my suggest you get:
- Semen analysis for infertility.
- Semen analysis post-vasectomy.
- Testicular biopsy.

Q.When should a man consult an andrologist?

If a man has one of the following problems, then the best thing to do it consult an andrologist:
- Problems in getting his pregnant.
- Erectile dysfunction.
- Premature ejaculation.
- Pain or any other problem in the reproductive organs.
- Enlarged prostate.
- Dilated veins around testicles.

Q.What are the most common conditions that an andrologist treats?

The most common conditions that andrologist treats are male infertility, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, enlarged prostate, erectile dysfunction, testosterone deficiency, and undescended testicles.

Q.What are the tests done to determine male fertility?

To diagnose male infertility problems, the followings tests might be necessary:
- Semen analysis.
- Scrotal ultrasound.
- Testosterone levels.
- Post-ejaculation urinalysis.
- Genetic testing.
- Testicular biopsy.
- Sperm function tests.
- Transrectal ultrasound.

Q.What is the difference between an andrologist and a sexologist doctor?

A sexologist specifically treats sexual problems, which are commonly related to mental and psychological health. But an andrologist treats problems affecting any organ of the male reproductive system.

Q.Can an andrologist perform surgeries?

Yes. Andrologists perform vasectomy (male sterilization), where the sperm is prevented from entering the urethra by cutting and tying male vas deferens.

Q.How to know if your sperm is fertile?

Sperm analysis to check sperm motility, quantity, and quality is the only definitive way to determine if you are fertile.

Q.What are the main causes of male infertility?

The common causes of male infertility include undescended testicles, genetic problems, diabetes, infections, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, testicular cancer, and smoking.

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