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Bloating During Ovulation

Published on Aug 07, 2021 and last reviewed on Jul 13, 2022   -  5 min read


Are you concerned about bloating during ovulation? If yes, please read the article to know about its causes, when to worry about it, and its remedies.

Bloating During Ovulation

What Is Ovulation?

Ovulation occurs when the mature egg gets released from the ovaries and travels down to the fallopian tubes, awaiting fertilization by a sperm. Ovulation will occur 10 to 16 days before the period, and you may experience symptoms of bloating during or before ovulation. Ovulation is a physiological process that women usually experience every month. While they expect their period to begin, they often get different body symptoms that show that their menstruation is close.

How To Know That A Woman Is Ovulating?

Women of childbearing age are very much concerned about their ovulation period because, at this time, their body is not protected from getting pregnant. Therefore, when they indulge in sexual activity, it can result in an unplanned pregnancy. One common way to find that a woman is ovulating is by the thickness of their discharge. An egg white-like stretchy discharge during ovulation is the one way to tell that women are ovulating.

Another symptom most girls experience is bloating during ovulation. Bloating is an experience of a swollen or distended stomach that makes anyone feel that they have put on more weight. Most times, they also begin to feel cramps and belly tightness.

Abdominal bloating during and after ovulation occurs because of hormones, and the truth is, in most women, it is not a cause of concern.

Additionally, ovulation sometimes produces a heightened sense of smell, a boost in energy and sex drive, and overall well-being. Inversely, some people may experience ovulation bloating, breast tenderness, and one-sided abdominal pain.

What Is Bloating?

Bloating is a feeling of pain in which the stomach is stuffed, swollen, or filled with gas, especially after a meal. It is the feeling of fullness in the stomach along with abdominal distention. It is prevalent and can be due to many causes.


Can Bloating After Ovulation Mean Pregnancy?

Suppose you are expecting or had unprotected sexual intercourse, cramping, and bloating after ovulation until a period can signify pregnancy. There is no reason to worry if you have used protection during sex, and it is unlikely you will get pregnant after protected intercourse.

How To Differentiate Between The Ovulation Bloating And The Premenstrual Bloating?

The easiest way to differentiate between premenstrual bloating and ovulation bloating is by tracking the monthly cycle. Ovulation bloating will appear in the middle of the menstrual cycle, several days before the actual ovulation. In contrast, PMS (premenstrual syndrome) bloating will begin after the ovulation, potentially starting a week before the period and lasting up to a week later. Additional PMS symptoms include:

Why Do You Feel Bloated During An Ovulation?

Ovulation can be something that does not affect you at all, but it could also be something that makes you worry about bloating.

There is a combination of causes that lead to this disturbing symptom. These include:

Which Hormone Can Cause Bloating During Ovulation?

Bloating during ovulation is caused due to the increase in the estrogen levels that occur just before ovulation, which gives way to the increased level of luteinizing hormone that triggers the release of an egg. In addition, progesterone is another hormone, which begins to spike and causes changes to the gastrointestinal tract soon after ovulation has occurred.

Why Should Women Not Worry About Their Bloating During Ovulation?

When Should You Worry About Bloating During Ovulation?

Bloating during ovulation, in general, is considered to be expected, which occurs due to hormonal changes in the body. But, you should worry about it and consult with your physician if you also have symptoms like:

What Are The Remedies For Ovulation Bloating?

It would help if you did not think of this symptom as a curse because there are remedies that you can use.

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