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Morning-After Pill: Things to Know Before Using

Published on Feb 10, 2018 and last reviewed on Feb 08, 2022   -  4 min read


Morning pills are an effective method of preventing unwanted and unexpected pregnancy. Read this article to know more.

Morning-After Pill: Things to Know Before Using

What Is Contraception?

Contraception is a process of preventing pregnancy. In simple terms, it is controlling the birth. The contraceptive options help in preventing the fusion of the egg with the sperm. In some situations, the production of the egg from the woman is also stopped.

The various contraceptive options in both male and female are:

The easiest and most economical way of contraception is condoms and pills.

What Is the Morning Pill?

Can Morning Pills Fail to Work?

Yes, there are certain situations where morning pills fail to work. The reason for the failure of the morning pill could be the following.

If the pills fail to work, then they might end up in pregnancy. However, pregnancy does not happen in all the failure circumstances. The occurrence of positive pregnancy depends on ovulation and fertility state.

What Is the Composition of Emergency Contraception Pills?

What Are the Side Effects of Emergency Contraception Pills?

The side effects are not very severe. The common side effects are:

Why Do Menstrual Irregularities Happen?

Menstrual irregularities are very common. The irregularities include early period, delayed period, and abnormal vaginal bleeding for a longer period of time than normal. When these medications are consumed regularly, the normal hormonal balance of the individual is disturbed. With the usage of contraceptive pills, it is not possible to avoid the hormonal imbalance because that is how contraception happens. If the vaginal bleeding happens for an additional two days after the usage of morning pills, it is usually considered normal. If the vaginal bleeding prolongs even after two days, then it is necessary to contact the health care provider as soon as possible.

What Are the Precautionary Measures to Be Followed to Overcome the Side Effects?

If pregnancy is not in the plan, a regular method of contraception should be chosen. The use of emergency contraception should be reserved for real 'emergencies.' The other methods of emergency contraception are high doses of oral medications combined with contraceptive pills and intrauterine contraceptive devices.

What Is the Best Alternative for Morning Pills?

There are many methods for contraception. As far as emergency contraception is considered, the best alternative for morning pills is the copper intrauterine device. It is about 99% effective in its contraception process. It is necessary to use the copper intrauterine device within five days of unprotected sex. The main advantage of the copper intrauterine device is that it provides protection for up to ten years. The other benefits of the copper intrauterine device are:

Side Effects:

Even though there are notable advantages associated with the copper intrauterine device, there are few side effects associated with them.

It is better to be aware of all the side effects of any method before usage. You can also get help from icliniq.com.

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