Q. Experiencing involuntary urination after two days of femur bone surgery. Why?

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Hi doctor,

My mother is 88 years old. She had undergone a surgery for the fractured femur thigh bone. Now, she is experiencing high involuntary urination for the past two days. She is on bed rest now, and any movement in the body or legs results in urine discharge. Currently, she is taking Thyronorm 75 mcg, Glycomet SR 500, Atorfit 10 mg, Ecospirin, and Calcirol. Her sugar levels are normal, and her BP is 140 by 70 mmHg. Please suggest.

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Dr. Karthik Rajan
Andrology, Urology


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I have gone through your query and reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity). She has temporary urinary problems which are reasonably common at her age following any major surgery with immobilization. I would like to know whether she passes urine usually and whether she has any burning sensation during urination. It is essential to make sure that whether she has a urinary tract infection or any retention of urine in the bladder. If these are absent, then she will get better soon with time, when she starts to ambulate and when she gets back to her routine activities. In the meantime, she can be managed with diapers or a urinary catheter if the problem is very severe.

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