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What does a bulky uterus and an intramural fibroid mean?

What does a bulky uterus and an intramural fibroid mean?

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Patient's Query

Hi doctor,

My mom had headaches and back pain. So recently, my mom went for an ultrasound scan and was diagnosed with a bulky uterus. The size of her uterus is 83x41x61 mm, and they also found an intramural fibroid sized 57x33x38 mm. Could you please help me understand what exactly this means and is there any complication?

Answered by Dr. Balakrishnan R


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Let me start by saying that it is nothing to worry. Let me explain. Fibroids or myomas are benign or non-malignant masses arising from the muscles fibers of the uterus, usually in women with not many children (1 or 2). These masses are like stones and are hormone dependent. So, they grow till she has periods. Once periods stop, her hormone supply stops, and the fibroid starts shrinking. Intramural Fibroid never become malignant. If you randomly take scans of 100 ladies, 50 to 70 % may have fibroids of different size. It is a dictum that, no asymptomatic fibroids need treatment. I would simulate it to, if you have a huge boil on the face, which does not interfere with food intake, just leave it alone. But even if you have a small boil on the inside of the mouth, it really hurts, then you may need treatment. Intramural Fibroids need treatment only if:

1. Bleeding excessively during periods or in between periods.

2. Excessive vaginal discharge, watery or brownish like discharge with skin like pieces. It is the eroding surface of the fibroids.

3. Pressure effects on urinary bladder or ureter, so frequent urination or unable to pass urine or repeated urinary infection.

4. Pain in the fibroid, if it is free-floating. It is from torsion or bleeding into the fibroid. The anxiety of feeling a mass in the abdomen.

5. Infertility.

If she has no symptoms, just leave it. It will shrink as her estrogen hormone is reduced. To further help in reducing the size and bleeding in periods, I suggest trying tablet Ormeloxifene (Sevista 60 mg or Novex DS), twice weekly. She can have it for a year or so and stop it after a scan. The fibroid would have shrunk. This medicine is cheap and has no side effects. If she is anxious or has any of the symptoms, then surgery and removal of the uterus with fibroids would be advised. Hope I have clarified your queries, do write back.

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Dr. Balakrishnan R
Dr. Balakrishnan R

Obstetrics and Gynecology

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