Q. Is there any way to avoid fear during exams?

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Image: Is there any way to avoid fear during exams?

Hello doctor,

I am very much anxious about my upcoming exam. This is my second drop. Last year because of my fear I ended up doing mistakes in the questions which I knew very well and just after coming out of the exam center I was able to answer all of them. This year too I am more fearful. I am very afraid as I do not want to take another drop and want to live my dream. Please help me out.

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Dr. Vandana Patidar
Psychiatry, Psychologist/ Counsellor, Psychotherapy, Sleep Medicine


Welcome to icliniq.com.

You seem to be suffering from some anxiety disorder. Detailed exploration of the problem is needed. Do not let this thing ruin your career. I would recommend you to go to a local psychiatrist and get some help. Meanwhile, you can try these things. Deep breathing exercise, as many times as possible. Yoga, meditation. Sleep and wake up at the right time. Positive self-talk, motivate yourself. You can try Propranolol 20 mg sustained-release tablets before going to the exam, to control your anxiety but it would be best if you consult a psychiatrist before that.

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