Q. Can diabetes cause swollen lymph nodes?

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Dr. Krutika Ingle Karandikar
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Hello doctor,

I wanted to know what you thought of these symptoms:

  • Weight fluctuation. I gained weight then lost weight then gained weight then lost it. It settled.
  • Now my stomach had problems for a bit, diarrhea for a bit, and that stopped.
  • Then thrush I think. The tongue is coated white but gets worse when I eat. When I brush and scrape the tongue, the white coat thins and gets better, also if I drink water after brushing.
  • Dry mouth is a symptom and lymph nodes prolonged but no pain.
  • My feet (my toes) have dull shooting pain. I play basketball. So, they begin to hurt after a while and I am only 19. That should not be happening.
  • Some days after basketball, I begin to feel ill and throw up water.
  • Also, after playing, I sometimes crave gummy worms or very sugary snacks.
  • I used to get terrible cramps in my thighs front and back and calf muscles that would cause me to stop abruptly.

Can diabetes cause swollen lymph nodes? And what are the chances that what is happening to me is diabetes?

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Dr. Krutika Ingle Karandikar



Welcome to icliniq.com.

I think you are worrying too much. You are just 19. Enjoy life.

The fluctuations in your weight will be most probably because of your different habits of eating and playing. When your eating more than you play, you are bound to gain weight. Right?

The cramps in your muscles can be caused by electrolyte imbalance. So, keep yourself hydrated when you play. You can add a pinch of salt to your water as well.

Your symptoms are definitely not pointing towards diabetes as such. Still, if you suspect you are suffering from diabetes, you need to check your blood glucose levels in fasting and postprandial states. That is the only diagnostic method to label you as a diabetic.

Symptoms are vague and non-specific even in cases of diabetes.

Hope you are satisfied with my answer and explanation. Have a great day. Regards.

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