Q. My period is irregular, heavy and prolonged. What are the cause and solution?

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Hello doctor,

My period has become irregular to about three times a year and it has become heavy and prolonged, lasting more than two weeks unless stopped with drugs. I have done several ultrasound scans without seeing the cause except on one occasion of PID. I got treated still no improvement. What are the cause and solution? Please help. I once had a surgery four years back. The doctor diagnosed corpus hemorrhage, do not know if it is related to this. I used to take Tranexamic acid with one other tablet to stop the bleeding.

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Dr. Uzma Arqam
Obstetrics And Gynaecology


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It is better to have detailed investigations like a cervical smear, detailed outpatient hysteroscopic examination, thyroid function test, complete blood count, etc. Start iron supplements immediately and have a diet containing iron like apples and carrots. If you have been experiencing any health issue better to have a full check on it and treatment as well. Collect all laboratory reports and discuss with gynecologist here or local. For bleeding have tablet Ponstan (Mefenemic acid) and tablet Tranexamic acid 500 mg eight hourly from day two to day five or total five days. Start tablet Norethisterone 10 mg twice daily from day 5 to day 24 for three cycles to regulate cycle and reduce bleeding. Local examination (hysteroscopic) can exclude cervical or endometrial polyp or any other local pathology.

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