Q. How do we detect kidney stones?

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Hi doctor,

I am a 25 year old, fairly healthy female. I have been suffering from kidney stones since the age of 15. Mostly the stones would go away on their own without causing any pain. But in the last seven to eight months, I had been suffering from recurrent UTIs and mild pain in the kidney. Around four months back, I got an ultrasound done and found a 10 mm stone in the middle pole and 6 mm stone in the lower pole. At that point, I started on ayurvedic medicine (Calcury). I got an ultrasound done a month later and found the stone size remains the same. But there was no pain or infection of any sort at that time.

Last month (I was still asymptomatic) I got a KUB done. It showed only one stone, it did not look like a staghorn stone. A few days later, I got another ultrasound at a different place and according to that doctor, my stone was 17 mm (in the middle pole) and 8 mm (in the lower pole). In the last 15 days, I passed two tiny stones of 3-4 mm which were very soft and pebble-shaped. This made me realize that I may possibly have struvite stones. However, for the last week, I am getting immense pain after a workout. My creatinine was 0.9 last month.

I would like to ask you the following questions:- What should be my course of action after this? What is causing this sudden pain? How can I find out what kind of stones do I have? Will shockwave lithotripsy be possible in my case? How accurate is the number 17 mm and 8 mm?

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Dr. Vivekanandan G
Andrology, Urology


Welcome to icliniq.com.

Since you have got stone problem so early and since you are a recurrent kidney stone former, you need a thorough evaluation to prevent further stone episodes.

You should collect the stone you pass in urine and do FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared) spectroscopy analysis to know the composition. You also need a 24 hours urinary metabolic evaluation to know the exact problem leading to stone formation.

The stone size as per ultrasound may not be accurate, so please get a CT KUB (computed tomography of kidneys, ureters, and bladder), to know the exact number and size of the stone.

Pain is due to blockage of the ureter when the stone comes down from the kidney. ESWL (extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy) is definitely a good option for stones up to 15 mm size.


Thank you doctor,

I consulted an urologist personally and he asked me to get both CT scan and IVP done for stone specific gravity and functioning of the kidney. I will be following up with him and you with the results shortly.

I had a urine analysis done around five days back. That time I had a lot of pain in the flank and pelvic region, but no fever. The report showed 40-60 RBC/HPF and 20-40 WBC/HPF. Moreover, it showed that I have 1+ protein (30 mg/dL) in my urine. Rest was normal.I am really worried about the presence of protein in my urine. My previous test report had traces too. My BP is normal and I got my sugar tested last year and it came out as normal. Why is my urine showing excess protein, even though the WBC is comparatively low? I would really like your opinion on the same. My culture around 4 months back showed E.coli as the main bacteria. Which antibiotic should I take for the infection?


Dr. Vivekanandan G
Andrology, Urology


Welcome back to icliniq.com.

Do not worry about the protein in the urine. Whenever you have lots of RBC (red blood cells) in urine, the proteins in urine will be reported as positive. This is not real proteinuria.

For the utility, you can take any of the antibiotics which are shown to be effective in culture report.

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